'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott's Cutest — and Most Cringe-worthy — Throwback Photos

Fair warning: There are clown costumes and bagpipes ahead

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On the Ice

Jonathan Scott Instagram

There's no lack of Canadian pride among Drew (left), Jonathan (right) and J.D. (second from right) Scott, pictured with friend, Brad Ginet. "#TBT to when we were ALMOST picked for #TeamCanada,"Jonathan wrote on this snap of the guys taking a whack at their homeland's favorite sport.

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Family Sing-along

Drew Scott Instagram

Entertaining runs in the family! Mom Joanne and older brother J.D. stole the spotlight during this karaoke session from back in the day, though Drew and Jonathan don't look too impressed with their efforts.

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Werking the Workout

Jonathan Scott/Instagram

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball," a dressed-up Jonathan said, referencing the logic in the Ben Stiller hit, Dodgeball.

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Back in the Day Vaca

Drew Scott/Instagram

Before taking off to Scotland to celebrate their parents' vow renewal, Drew shared this photo of the Scott men "hanging" in the U.K. country as kids. "We'll be reliving this next month!" he wrote.

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Happenin' Hair

Jonathan Scott/Instagram

The HGTV stars, along with brother J.D. and their dad Jim, showed off their flowing locks in this TBT. "Can you tell who we got our hair from?!" Jonathan captioned.

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Leather Lounging

Jonathan Scott/Instagram

Jonathan shed his signature plaid shirt in favor of a leather getup alongside the eternal question: "Isn't it true that ladies like the bad boys?"

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Trend Setters

Jonathan Scott/Instagram

A young Drew and Jonathan showed off their formalwear complete with corsages and one fashionable feature Jonathan was ready to take credit for. "I am not saying [Drew] and I started the skinny tie trend….but I am also not saying we didn't."

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Chop It Up

Jonathan shared this #tbt of him mean mugging in the backyard in his karate gear. "Wax on. Wax off," he captioned his Mr. Miyagi moment.

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Wild Boys

"That look on my face means I'm up to no good," wrote Drew (right) of this family candid with twin Jonathan (left) and their older brother J.D. (center).

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Problem Child

"There's always that ONE kid that messes up the photo," wrote Jonathan (left) making a not-so-subtle dig at his twin. He added "#thanksdrew" in case anyone missed exactly who he's talking about.

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The Wild (Canadian) West

Jonathan Scott Twitter

Jonathan shared this example of himself and Drew as note-so-rugged teenage cowboys posing with their parents, Jim and Joanne. "The cowboy & cowgirl life," he captioned the family portrait.

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Expert Advice

Jonathan Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BVC5uOxAN-l/
Jonathan Scott/Instagram

The HGTV stars are the authority on what it's like to be constantly twinning, offering advice to Beyonce and JAY-Z as well as George and Amal Clooney upon hearing their baby news. "The best part is you only have to remember one birthday," Jonathan wrote on this Instagram #TBT post.

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Double Trouble

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTbjZx-hyRS/ drew scott instagram
Drew Scott/Instagram

Drew shared this sweet photo on the brothers' 39th birthday. "Thanks for all the fun," he said to his "best friend."

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Triple Throwback

Drew Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BVFg9Z3jf9N/
Drew Scott/Instagram

Drew answered the immediate question one has upon seeing this photo of the duo with older brother, J.D. Scott: "Yes, that's JD's real hair."

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Magic Trick

drew scott instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BTZmBs5h7iY/
Drew Scott/Instagram

Jonathan might be the magician of the family, but he's not the only one who falls under its spell. "Jonathan isn't the only one who loves a good magic trick," realtor Drew said of this photo of him as a kid.

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Basketball All-Star

Drew Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BVXeWe3BmNl/
Drew Scott/Instagram

Score! A 14-year-old Drew prepared for a slam dunk in a getup that only becomes more entertaining with age.

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Dance Party

Jonathan Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BR_WgwOAntl/
Jonathan Scott/Instagram

Jonathan has a few costume comedies of his own. "No shame...all dance," the contractor wrote on this fiesta-ready photo.

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Great Scotts!

Jonathan Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BUzbNRDAXsU/
Jonathan Scott/Instagram

All three Scott brothers love a good nod to their Scottish heritage. "One of my best childhood memories...meeting a real blacksmith in Scotland who makes actual armor and swords," Jonathan said.

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Baby Face

Jonathan Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BRJ_wMKgVKS/
Jonathan Scott/Instagram

"I've always been a shoulder for Drew to lean on," Jonathan wrote of this shot of the twins as tots.

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Sweet Tooth

Jonathan Scott Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BVXnIKjgAmv/
Jonathan Scott/Instagram

Jonathan described Drew in this picture as the "evil twin," who doesn't quite deserve a slice of the cake they're being served.

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Property Babies!

F:PHOTOReady RoomActionsInsert Request46922#Property Brothers1976-79 - 096.jpg

Long before they took over HGTV, found love and built a home improvement empire, Drew and Jonathan Scott were a pair of rambunctious — and entrepreneurial! — kids growing up on a horse farm in British Columbia, Canada.

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A Happy (and Goofy) Home

F:PHOTOReady RoomActionsInsert Request46922#Property Brothers1983 - 145.jpg

"Our house was so much fun," Drew (right) told PEOPLE. "It was so strange, exciting and wonderful growing up in our household," Jonathan added, "because our friends would come over, and they would sit, stunned and silent, because my parents are goofballs. That's where we get it from."

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All in the Family

F:PHOTOReady RoomActionsInsert Request46922#Property Brothers1983 - 034.jpg

"We've always gotten along," said their older brother J.D. (center, with Drew, right, and Jonathan in 1983). "We're great friends."

The siblings still work together at Scott Entertainment.

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Horsing Around

F:PHOTOReady RoomActionsInsert Request46922#Property Brothershorses6.jpg

"We grew up on a ranch, so if we were just getting together with friends, it was never just, 'Oh, come over to our house and play video games,' " Jonathan explained of their outdoorsy upbringing.

"We'd all go out on the horses and we'd be riding or we'd be doing something adventurous," said Drew.

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Clowning for a Living

F:PHOTOReady RoomActionsInsert Request46922#Property Brothers1987 - 001.jpg

The twins turned a profit as clowns in 1987, Drew (left) was "Curly" and Jonathan was "Dimples."

"At 8 years old, we started getting hired out as apprentice clowns, and we did that for years, until we were making like fifty bucks an hour," said Jonathan.

Added Drew, "It was crazy. We were just sitting there buying candy for all our friends."

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Making Music

F:PHOTOReady RoomActionsInsert Request46922#Property Brothers1994 - 004.jpg

Drew (right) and Jonathan (in 1994) were "quite good on the bagpipes," said their father, Jim. The well-groomed stars wouldn't likely approve of their mid-'90s hairstyles these days.

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