'Property Brothers'' Drew and Jonathan Scott Reportedly Made Half a Billion Dollars Last Year

"There are probably less than 100 actors who make more than we do across our empire," says Jonathan.

Drew and Jonathan Scott are very successful … like half-a-billion-dollars-in-one-year successful.

The identical twin brothers and hosts of HGTV’s hit Property Brothers franchise, 40, reportedly topped half a billion dollars in sales in 2018, according to their cover story in the March issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

The profile, which tracks the brothers’ rise to home improvement fame, lays out their numerous ventures, including their six HGTV series; their production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment; their furniture and home decor line, Scott Living; and soon, a new design platform called Casaza.

Jake Chessum for Entrepreneur

Not mentioned in the story are the release in October of their first children’s book, Builder Brothers Big Plans, which joins two other published tomes, or their numerous brand partnerships, including a Super Bowl spot for ADT.

Jonathan also confirms that the brothers are making bank.

Jake Chessum for Entrepreneur

“There are probably less than 100 actors who make more than we do across our empire,” he told the magazine. “We thought it was the bee’s knees to be a successful actor, but pursuing that would have never opened up this world to us.”

But that wasn’t always the case. Before they made it big, Drew admits, he was in $140,000 of debt. After high school, the Canada-born star headed to Vancouver to try to make it as an actor. But after a year, he ended up with a huge credit card bill and only a handful of small parts.


“It was the first sleepless night I’d ever had,” Drew says. Soon after, he headed home and back to the burgeoning house-flipping business he’d started with Jonathan. “I went back to my roots.”

The brothers decided to combine their proclivity for showmanship (Jonathan is also a magician) with their prowess in the home space and pitched a TV show that would become Property Brothers.

The show reportedly went into production after a female TV executive’s enthusiastic feedback: “Two young hot guys in tight jeans, renovating? Sold,” Entrepreneur reports.

courtesy Entrepreneur

Now, the brothers are about to launch another new series: Property Brothers: Forever Home, which debuts on May 29 on HGTV, and are in the process of developing a sitcom based on their lives with Fox.

To read the full story, pick up the March issue of Entrepreneur or visit entrepreneur.com.

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