'Property Brothers'' Drew and Jonathan Scott Have Some Advice for Beyoncé About Raising Twins: 'There Are a Few Things We Feel You Need to Know'


The Property Brothers have some advice for Beyoncé: twinning is not easy.

In light of the Lemonade singer’s recent announcement that she’s pregnant with twins, HGTV’s Drew and Jonathan Scott, 38, wanted to impart their twin wisdom on what to expect when you’ve been “blessed two times over.”

“On the surface that sounds amazing,” Drew says in a video posted on Facebook. “But there are a few things we feel you need to know about twins.”

To start: “There’s always a troublemaker,” Jonathan says. “A twin who will get into mischief and blame it on the other one. You want to find out which twin that is very early — it will save you a lot of heartache.”

The Scott brothers — who are both known for their tendency to pull pranks — also want to warn Queen Bey of twins’ innate secret language, and suggest she call in (adorable) reinforcements in order to decode it.

“Pay Blue Ivy to infiltrate, learn the language and report back to you,” Drew says of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 5-year-old daughter.

Although their third tip of using cloth diapers gets immediately laughed off, their fourth piece of advice is most likely accurate — at least for the Brothers.

“It doesn’t matter how many cool toys you buy for each of the kids, they’re only going to want to play with the other twin’s toys,” Drew says. “This is going to cause apocalyptic meltdowns, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.”

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“There is a silver-lining,” Drew says, “If you play your cards right, the way our parents did, one will be a contractor, one will be a real state agent, and they’ll build you your dream home.”

Jonathan adds, “If you need a nursery, hit us up.”

Fingers-crossed for an HGTV makeover at the Bey-Hive!

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