WATCH: Drew and Jonathan Scott Share (and Sing!) Their Best Life-Changing Home Hacks

The Property Brothers are busting a move!

Drew and Jonathan Scott’s latest DIY venture has them singing and dancing to the tune of a handful of original home hack raps, and they stopped by the PEOPLE Now studios to show off a few in person.

“We want to do something fun but also educate at the same time,” Jonathan says of their musical step-by-steps for Esurance, which are just a bit different than their last single.

The first tip makes the standard bath mat a bit safer. To avoid slipping after stepping out of the shower, apply a few beads of silicone to the back of your rug for a better “grippy grip.”

The 38-year-old twins’ next trick involves a favorite healthy snack: the walnut! If scratches in your wood floors are getting the best of you, simply rub the nut into the ding and watch as the oils slowly remove the imperfections. After they’ve worked their magic, “You can eat the walnut!” Jonathan says.

For two more handy tricks and the full instructions, watch the video above.

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