"Drew and Linda could take a lesson from mom and dad," says Jonathan

By Mackenzie Schmidt
July 07, 2017 03:15 PM

Doting sons and unabashed romantics? Be still our Property Brother-loving hearts.

In a move that will no doubt leave their many fans swooning, Jonathan Scott revealed that he and twin brother Drew, 39, are planning to fly their parents to Scotland to renew their wedding vows for their 50th anniversary.

“They had originally eloped, so they never had a real wedding,” Jonathan explains of his dad, Jim, and mom, Joanne’s romance during a Facebook Live stream. “So after 50 years of marriage, this August we’re going to Scotland and we’re going to renew their vows.”

Jim, a retired actor and director, moved from Scotland to Canada as a teenager. There he met and married Joanne, a paralegal. The couple now lives part time at the Las Vegas home Drew and Jonathan built as a family compound.

“Drew and Linda could take a lesson from mom and dad,” Jonathan notes of his twin and fiancee Linda Phan, who got engaged in December.

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While their parents’ romantic leanings were clearly passed down to the brothers, their preference for a low-key union seems to have skipped a generation. Drew’s epic proposal at a Toronto bistro involved a professional recording of him singing Train’s “Marry Me” playing over the restaurant speakers and a giant Dr. Seuss–themed cake.

Linda and Drew are in the early stages of planning a destination wedding that will combine her Chinese background and his Scottish heritage.

“They haven’t set a date yet, but I know that they’re really prepping and I think Drew is one of those guys who’s had his wedding planned since he was a kid,” Jonathan says. “I know it’ll be great.”