The couple took their fans on a virtual home tour on their YouTube channel

By Claudia Harmata
April 09, 2020 03:09 PM

Home is where the heart is!

On Wednesday, Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth and her husband Austin Forsyth gave fans a look inside their Arkansas home with a home tour video shared on their YouTube channel.

“Welcome to our home! We’ve put a lot of love and work into it, and although we still have a few projects left to finish, it’s HOME!” the couple captioned the video, which also features cameos from they’re adorable 2-year-old son Gideon.

Follow the Forsyths/YouTube

The couple had previously been living in an RV before purchasing their starter house in November. “After a year and a half of camper living we’re so ready!!!” she said at the time.

Joy Anna documented the process of renovating their 3-bed, 3-bath property on social media, before they finally moved in in December.

The couple start off their video tour in their living room, which flows into their dinning area and kitchen.

“When you first walk in we have big a big open floor plan. We have these two couches here,” the Counting On star narrates.

The couches sit facing one another on opposite ends of the room with a small coffee table between that the couple has had since they got married in 2017. Joy-Anna explained that they purchased one of the couches at a local store while the second was bought for the couple by her sisters.

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“We have these big floor to ceiling drapes which I love,” the 22-year-old continues in the living room. “I was kind of going back-and-forth if I should get white or a different color, but I really love how the white just brightens up the whole room.”

The couple also shows off their two stations for shoes, one in the back of their living room where they keep shoes that they only wear for special occasions, and one for their everyday pairs, kept on a shelf near their front door.

Follow the Forsyths/YouTube

Joy-Anna then moves on to her dinning room and kitchen, which she decorated with small plants and “greenery” throughout.

“I love plants. I have a few over on the floor there that I’m trying to keep a live, but it’s not really going very well,” she admits.

The home’s kitchen features an island outfitted with some barstools. “I love this bar. We eat more of our meals here at the bar than we do actually at the table just because it is so convenient,” Joy Anna says.

The expecting mother explains that she and Austin recently replaced all of the countertops with granite as they plan to sell the house in five years and wanted to “get some use” out of the upgraded surfaces before they do.

After the kitchen, Austin, 26, takes over hosting duties as he walks fans through a guest bathroom, laundry room, Gideon’s bedroom and the couple’s master bedroom. Gideon decides to help his dad out and showed off the family’s beds by jumping up and down on them in each room.

Follow the Forsyths/YouTube
Follow the Forsyths/YouTube

A personal touch to their master bedroom is the couple’s bed frame, which Austin says he and hid dad built themselves out of a cherry tree that had fallen over on their property when they first moved to their home.

While the home currently houses a family of three, it will soon be home to one more as Joy-Anna and Austin are expecting their second child together. Last month, they announced that they are having a baby girl, due in August.