The Counting On star and her husband Ben announced they were expecting their third child in January

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Jessa Seewald is showing off her home makeover!

The Counting On star, who is expecting her third child with husband Ben, gave her Instagram followers a “little glimpse” into how she revamped their bedroom and living room on a budget.

“Decided on a whim that I wanted to become more of a minimalist,” she writes alongside a series of before-and-after photos of her living room.

The biggest change in her living space came in the paint color, as Seewald swapped their pale green walls for a much lighter color: Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore, which she also used in her master bedroom redo. Instead of hiring a painter, Seewald decided she was going to tackle the walls by herself, and explained that she spent $60 on a “quality one-coat gallon of paint” as well as painter’s tape, a roller, a pan and a brush from Lowe’s.

Living Room Before
| Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram
Living Room After
| Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

“Finished painting at 1 am (fear not, windows were open and it was well ventilated 😆)” she writes.

Her late-night makeover also inspired her to sell some of their bulky furniture, like the end table and wooden coffee table with matching stools. To re-home the items, the TLC star tried out the Facebook Marketplace “for the first time,” where her items sold “in a matter of minutes.”

Jessa Duggar Seewald painted her own living room
| Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

“With the money made, it gave me a budget to be able to buy a new rug from Amazon and a couple of plants from Hobby Lobby (when they were 1/2 off, of course)!” she writes of her budget-friendly strategy. “Also found some adorable throw pillows for $4 each at a secondhand store.”

Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 2, in Lowes helping their mom pick out paint
| Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

While most of the room makeover was about de-cluttering the space, Seewald admits that she created a “kiddos corner” for her sons Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 2, with a few things that she just can’t part with, including a plastic slide.


“The slide will be staying even though it’s not ‘on theme,'” she explains. She says the item has an extra special value to her family because she brought it home after seeing a woman dragging it to the curb to be discarded when she was driving by one day.

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“It was definitely God-sent [because] I had recently been looking at similar, sturdy options online, but wasn’t ready to spend $100+ on something like that!” she writes. “Such a blessing. The boys play on it all the time, and it’s great when the weather is rainy or bad as a way for them to get their energy out indoors. (Got this idea from my mom, as we had a similar slide in our living room growing up. 😉).”

But the living room isn’t the only space that Seewald gave an overhaul. In her master bedroom, the 19 Kids and Counting alum brightened the room by painting it the same color as the living room and sold her “chunky bed frame” as well as their nightstands and lamps on the Facebook Marketplace.

Master Bedroom Before
| Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

Seewald admits that she and her husband toyed with replacing the bed with a simpler option, but Ben said he liked the “simplicity” of having their bed directly on the floor.

Master Bedroom After
| Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

“I realize this isn’t for everyone, but we do have a tall mattress and, with the box spring, our bed sits at about couch height,” Jessa writes. “I LOVE IT. (Can we just pause for a moment and celebrate the fact that there’s no more dusting/cleaning/swiping toys, socks and other random items out from under the bed?! Yay!!! 🥳👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼)”

“We’ve found that we all pile into bed a lot more to read stories or snuggle,” she continues. “It’s easy for the two year old to climb up and down on his own, and if a little monkey accidentally falls out of bed it’s not likely to be an incident to call the doctor over. 🙈😂”

Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

She also repurposed the rug from their living room by bringing it into their bedroom and placing it at the foot of their bed.

The changing table was another DIY project. She painted the piece — which used to be black with black knobs — a mossy green (Valspar Cliveden Forest) with gold bar handles on the drawers.

Credit: Jessa Seewald Instagram

On the wall, Seewald hung an enlarged photo of her and Ben from their honeymoon, which she printed in 24×36 poster size at Sam’s Club for around $13. The frame, she says, came from Bed Bath & Beyond.

For Seewald, making over her home was a process she greatly enjoyed, and now, the space is more functional for her growing family.

“It may not be HGTV worthy, but it’s the hub of our home and we feel like it’s a massive transformation!” she writes. “Loving the lighter colors and having less in the room— and the fact that, by selling some things, we weren’t out a penny and actually made some cash! It definitely makes this little area feel a lot bigger!! And it’s been wonderful having more floor space for the kids to wrestle and built things.”