The container house features floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light and remote-controlled expandable spaces, too

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If you missed your chance to get Amazon’s now-viral tiny house and backyard guest house that sold out earlier this year, don’t fret — there’s an even more impressive structure currently available on the shopping site.

Tiny house lovers can get this prefab, expandable tiny home — complete with a bathroom, kitchen, and a solar and wind power system — on Amazon. The under-$40,000 tiny house features everything you need to make it a full-time abode or a backyard getaway for guests.

Amazon Tiny House
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Weizhengheng Expandable Prefab Module Tiny House, $36,800;

The small structure gives owners plenty of options. Residents can power the versatile space on its built-in solar and wind power system, or they can opt to outfit it with typical electrical work to power lights and appliances. It also features expandable areas and folding features, which are powered by a remote control, that open up to reveal even more space.

Amazon tiny house
Credit: Amazon

Homeowners can also choose to make it their permanent residence, or set it up in their backyard and use it as an office, guest house, and more. With a shower, sink, and toilet in its bathroom, plus a small kitchenette and designated spaces for a living area, dining area, and bedroom, the tiny house has everything you need to move right in. It even comes with furniture and an air conditioning unit.

The makers of the tiny house, Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Technology Co. (WZH Group), sell a series of small homes including another expandable, solar energy-powered home via Amazon. And while both of these homes are more expensive than other tiny houses available through the retailer (they also come with $1,000 shipping fees), both prefabricated designs feature outfitted bathrooms and kitchens, and come with solar energy panels, Ada Yin, a WZH Group representative told CNBC Make It.

Amazon tiny house
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Expandable Container House with Solar Energy, $36,800;

DIY fans who are hoping to set up something more custom in their backyard can shop one of the many tiny house kits that start at just $3,000 on Amazon. Either way, you’re bound to find the perfect little structure for your space and budget.