The Asiana jet was taxiing behind a parked Turkish Airlines plane when the accident occurred

A dramatic collision was captured on video at Turkey’s Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Sunday.

In the clip, a large Airbus 330 passenger plane belonging to the Korean airline Asiana can be seen taxing across the tarmac near a terminal when its wing slices almost entirely through the tail of a smaller Turkish Airways A321 jet that was parked nearby.

Asiana confirmed the incident to The Korea Times. The paper stated that the plane “was taxiing on the runway of Istanbul Ataturk Airport before its starboard wing tip touched the Turkish A321’s stabilizer. The collision resulted in a fire on the Turkish jet, forcing fire crews to rush to the scene. The Asiana aircraft’s wing tip was also seriously damaged.”

The outlet also confirms that none of the 222 passengers on board the larger plane, which was bound for the city of Incheon, were injured. The flight was reportedly canceled and rescheduled for Monday.

Turkish Airlines did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Footage of the crash shared on YouTube appears to have been captured by airport CCTV, but a Turkish travel site, Airport Haber, also posted numerous photos of the damage at the scene.

Turkish authorities are currently investigating the incident, which is, surprisingly, not uncommon. In November, a similar collision at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport left a Virgin Atlantic plane without the tip of its wing after it was clipped by an Egypt Air flight while taxiing.