Discover your next adventurous vacation

By Megan Stein
May 23, 2017 04:19 PM
Bruarfoss waterfall in winter.
Credit: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

Cue the wanderlust!

Pinterest looked into the biggest emerging travel trends of 2017, and it turns out pinners everywhere have plans to pack their bags for more adventurous trips than ever.

Thanks in part to celebs like the Kardashians flocking to Iceland, searches for the Scandinavian country have increased by 54% year over year. The most popular pinned images capture natural wonders like lava falls, glaciers and hot springs.

Ghost towns are also rising in popularity (up 188%). Top pins, highlight creepy cities to see in each state, as well as the best Old West sites to visit throughout the country. If visiting the spooky spots via a road trip is your vacation goal, you’re not alone. Interest in journeying via “van life” has risen by 290% as well.

If the popularity of road tripping through old-timey towns wasn’t a telltale sign, this next trend is proof avid travelers are looking to throw it back to simpler times. Searches for swimming holes are up 183%. Most are located in the U.S., with sites in Texas leading the pack, but international destinations like Chile and New Zealand are also popping up.

Adult summer camps are also on the rise, up 43% from last year. The community-centered activities and sense of nostalgia seem to be what attracts users to these outdoor adventures.

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Whether opting for an extravagant Icelandic experience or a long cross-country jaunt, trying out any of these up-and-coming vacation ideas are sure to spawn a viral Pin of your own.