PHOTOS: Take a Peek Inside the Obama Family's Post-Presidency Home

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Pete Souza/The White House via Getty. Photo: Pete Souza/The White House via Getty

The Obama family is downsizing.

President Barack Obama, wife Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha have made plans to relocate from their cozy quarters in the White House to an 8,200-square-foot home in the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, D.C. at the conclusion of his presidency.

The 9-bedroom mansion with 8.5 baths may not have the same notoriety as the family's current abode, but it still boasts plenty of suburban charm and even a few historical touches (not to mention less traffic).

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Built in 1928, the single-family home was first listed in a newspaper ad for an estimated cost of $50,000, according to website Ghosts of DC. Although it seems like a steal compared to its current price tag—the last sale was to former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart for $5,295,000—it was most likely an impressive purchase for Charles Maddox, who resided in the mansion for three decades.

The Obama Family Will Live In a 9 Bedroom D.C. MansionCredit:;

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Praised for perfecting the first air-sea radio communication, Maddox, a U.S. Navy captain also had a daughter, Muriel, who spent time in the soon-to-be presidential pad. The debutante and aspiring actress had a few successes in her career, most notably the 1950 film The Men, which starred Marlon Brando.

The Obama Family Will Live In a 9 Bedroom D.C. MansionCredit:;
The Obama Family Will Live In a 9 Bedroom D.C. MansionCredit:;

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Of course, the beautiful brick residence has since been renovated to suit the needs of today's modern families. Lots of land, a spacious patio and a bright, white kitchen are just a few of the amenities the Obamas are expected to enjoy, ensuring the family will still be living the American dream.

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