See inside the actress's 'homey' hillside abode

By Mackenzie Schmidt
June 20, 2017 08:10 AM
Emily Berl; Architectural Digest

When Peyton List needed to decorate her new 1,521-square-foot starter home, she asked her 11 million Instagram followers for help.

The account of interior designer and founder of A 1000 Times Better, Kristen Blazek, was the perfect mix of bohemian and youthful for the former Disney star, 19. “I really loved the aesthetic,” List tells “It felt homey and that was super important.” She was so inspired, in fact, that she gave her Blazek’s team a blank slate. “I told them, ‘Go in. I trust you guys.’”

Emily Berl; Architectural Digest

Her new place is located in Glendale, just a mile from her parents’ house, but its hip neighboring ‘hood (the one that drew her to the area) couldn’t be farther from her roots, playing rich girl Emma Ross on the Disney Channel series Jessie. The actress, who next appears in Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet and Departures in 2018, tells AD she chose it for just that reason:“No one in Silverlake watches Disney,” she says.

Emily Berl; Architectural Digest

The actress admits her favorite element of the home is still the one that drew her to it in the first place “I love the view. I love the hillside,” she says. And she loves the many flights of stairs up to her front door: “Coming home from set, if I have my groceries, it’ll force me to work out.”

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