Go Inside Chip & Joanna Gaines's Magnolia Network in PEOPLE's New Special Edition

The Fixer Upper couple talk about returning to tv, the "risk, passion, and inspiration" in the new talent they're nurturing, and how—as parents of five—they get it all done

Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines

Three years after Chip and Joanna Gaines closed the door on Fixer Upper, the HGTV megahit that launched their home-renovation empire, the home renovation stars have returned!

"Can you imagine Evel Knievel on a Tuesday afternoon after retirement?" asks Chip, invoking the famous 1970s motorcycle stunt performer as the ultimate restless retiree. "He's probably freaking out." Turns out, being a daredevil—even one who thrills with a hammer rather than a chopper—"is really addictive."

That's just one reason that the pair decided to launch a reboot, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, and now, their very own network to go with it. To mark the July 15 streaming debut of Magnolia Network, People is publishing a special edition, Chip & Joanna: Building Their Future featuring an exclusive new interview with the couple and a look inside their new slate of shows.

Chip <a href="https://people.com/tag/joanna-gaines/" data-inlink="true">Joanna Gaines</a>
From "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home". Magnolia Discovery Ventures

The parents of five — they share Drake, 16, Ella 14, Duke, 13, and Emmie Kay, 11, and Crew, 3 — designed Magnolia Network from the ground up. "What we've been working on is, 'How do we build this thing around people, their stories, their passions?'" says Joanna Gaines. "We realized that what we loved, as a company and as a business, is the idea of curating stories and letting storytellers be part of this kind of a bigger picture."

Much bigger. To assemble their dream lineup, the pair called upon an old friend and Fixer Upper's favorite woodworker, Clint Harp, and got him on board for a historic restoration show. Then they looked down the list of people "we had social media crushes on," as Chip puts it, and offered that diverse array of creative talents the opportunity to host their own TV shows—among them, plant expert Hilton Carter, chef Erin French, who overcame hardship to launch one of the country's hottest restaurants, and Johnnyswim, the married musical duo who perform Fixer Upper's theme song.

Inside the issue, you'll hear from that team of experts whose shows and personal stories demonstrate ways to improve your home, your family dinner, even your career. From Homegrown's host Jamila Norman's tips for first-time backyard farmers to ideas for intergenerational gatherings from Andrew Zimmern, who hosts a show called Family Dinner. The recurring theme on Magnolia Network's roster is "risk, passion, inspiration," says Joanna. "[Our hosts] had a dream, they went for it, and now we get to follow along on that journey and cheer them on as they go."

Chip <a href="https://people.com/tag/joanna-gaines/" data-inlink="true">Joanna Gaines</a>
Chip and Joanna Gaines. Magnolia Discovery Ventures

The timing couldn't be better. Following the COVID shutdown in America, when people rediscovered the comforts of the home, the kitchen and the garden, they are now able to enjoy sharing those pleasures with loved ones. During the last year, the Gaineses found that spending so much time with their own children—working in the same room while the kids did their homework—turned out to be a blessing. "We hope that this mixing family and work maybe becomes a thing that the world sort of adapts to and learns how to commingle," says Chip.

Also in the issue: A look at the expansion of the Silos, the Gaines's retail and restaurant complex in Waco, Tx. that attracts 35,000 visitors in a typical week; summer recipes, including some from Joanna's Magnolia Table cooking show, and an excerpt from the latest edition of their magazine, Magnolia Journal (which, like PEOPLE, is owned by Meredith).

People's new special edition Chip & Joanna: Building Their Future is available now wherever magazines are sold.

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