The man found the wallet on board a Frontier Airlines flight while fastening his seatbelt

By Madison Roberts
November 26, 2018 02:38 PM
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When one passenger lost his wallet on a Frontier Airlines flight, he thought everything inside of it was gone, but when he returned home from his trip, he was in for a heart-warming surprise.

Twenty year old Hunter Shamatt was traveling to his sister’s wedding in Las Vegas in November when he accidentally left his wallet containing his ID, $60 cash, a debit card, and a signed paycheck on a plane.

After discovering it was missing, his mom, Jeannie Shamatt, wrote on Facebook that they had called the airline to see if someone turned it in, but were “fearing the worst that everything was gone.” A few days later, however, her son received a package. Inside was his wallet, all its contents, a hand-written note and $100 — $40 more than he’d had when it was lost.

“Found this on a Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver-row 12, seat F wedged between the seat and wall,” the note read. “Thought you might want it back. All the best. PS: I rounded your cash up to an even $100 so you could celebrate getting your wallet back. Have fun!!!”

Jeannie also shared a picture of the note, signed only with the initials “TB.”

“We would love to thank the individual personally if we could find him or her,” she wrote. “Please help share this post so we can find this amazing person.”

Since then, the post has received thousands of shares and hundreds of comments, expressing amazement at the random act of kindness. After her initial post, Jeannie was able to identify the man as Todd Brown, a father of five who found the wallet when he went to fasten his seatbelt.

Brown told Yahoo he considered giving the wallet to the crew on board, but changed his mind because he wanted to make sure Hunter got it back.

“I saw he was just a kid, 20 years old, he had a paycheck in there, so I figured, ‘Well, he’s doing his best to make ends meet,’ but I was 20 once and that’s a lot of money for a kid,” Brown said.

Right before he mailed the wallet, he decided to add in the extra $40.

“I wanted to have a little fun, I wanted him to have a little fun,” Brown said. “I imagined what it would be like to get your wallet back, so I added a little bit so he could celebrate.”

According to Yahoo, after learning his identity, Hunter and Jeannie personally thanked Brown, and Hunter informed Brown that he has some student loans and a car payment to make “so the timing was right.”

Jeannie also took to Facebook again to update her followers on the story, identifying Brown by name and sharing her heartfelt gratitude once more.

“Here is an update, my story made news in Omaha, while this was happening I was able to connect with the person that returned Hunters wallet,” she wrote. “I try to teach my children to do the right things in life, help people when you can regardless of the outcome. This story is more about restoring faith in people than anything. Everything in the wallet, we could of replaced. We hear a lot of bad news but not enough good news. I personally want to thank Todd Brown and his wife for restoring faith that there are amazing people out there, the world is not as grim as it’s being made out to be.”