Throw an Award-Worthy Oscars Party with These 5 Super-Simple Decorating Ideas

Celeb party planner Melissa Andre shares her pro tips for a simple but super-fun bash

And the Oscar for best viewing party goes to…you!

Melissa Andre has risen to event designer fame planning parties for celebs like Drake and The Weeknd. Although her usual clientele require stunning tablescapes, fancy foods and entertainment worthy of Hollywood’s A-listers, she also has a knack for putting together a low-key get together that’s still super Insta-worthy.

With the Oscars airing this Sunday, March 4, Andre is sharing some of her favorite (and easiest) ideas for throwing together an award-winning soiree for the show that doesn’t take too much time — or money. From setting the scene to weighing in on guests who love to talk through the show (hint: don’t do it), here are a few of her pro tips:

1. Create a warm welcome.


“Music is the first thing on my list when I need to create a warm atmosphere,” she says. “A Sonos speaker or Beats Pill will totally do the trick. But this, of course, should be turned off once the Oscars actually commence.”

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2. Don’t overlook the details.

candle use

“If you’re entertaining at home, every room in your house should be attended to in some way, even if it’s adding a scented candle to your powder room,” she says. For the Oscars, pick up a few that could match with the theme, like this candy-scented find.

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3. Print some props.

“You should most certainly print your own ballots and maybe even come up with a prize for whoever guesses the most correct winners,” she suggests. But don’t let the game lead nonstop noise.

“Your guests will likely want to view the Oscars, which does require listening and appreciating the entire production of the show,” she says. “You could have a separate room (often the kitchen) to entertain those guests who are there more for the food, drinks, and socializing than the actual awards.”

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4. Keep the treats simple.

popcorn bags

“I love purchasing a simple grocery store cake with cream cheese icing from Whole Foods, or something from the neighborhood bakery, and adding my own garnish,” she says. Another easy idea: “I love a popcorn bar with classic little striped red bags and tons of toppings!”

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5. Goodie bags are nice — but not necessary.

“Oscar viewing parties tend to be slightly more casual. They’re more of a fun takeaway and memory than they are a ‘must have,’” she says. “I like to do something cute like Hollywood-themed cookies or mini champagne bottles.”

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