Inside 'OITNB'' s Samira Wiley and Wife Lauren Morelli's Cali Bungalow: 'We Had an Opportunity to Be Uniquely Feminine'

"My goal was definitely color," says OITNB writer and producer Morelli

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Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli's Newlywed Home

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Samira Wiley, star of Orange Is the New Black and The Handmaid’s Tale, and her wife Lauren Morelli are living a colorful newlywed life in their cozy Los Angeles abode. “The house isn’t huge,” Morelli tells Architectural Digest. “It’s a cozy little California bungalow.” Although Morelli bought the property when she and Wiley had just started dating, the OITNB writer and producer still took Wiley’s opinion into account from the get-go. “I always knew I was going to move in,” Wiley says.

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Coated with Color

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As her “first adult home,” Morelli wanted to ensure the space captured the tastes of Wiley, who she wed in March 2017, as well as her own. “I wanted it to feel both like it was a representation of us, and I felt like we had an opportunity to be uniquely feminine because it’s two women in a house together.” Morelli decided to team up with Homepolish designer Stefani Stein, who helped the couple create there dream Hollywood retreat.

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Pattern Play

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In case there was any doubt, Morelli confirms, “My goal was definitely color.” In the living room, Stein kept the palette calm by counteracting bold prints with neutral paint and floor coverings. “That’s why I’m not a designer,” Morelli says. “I would have had a pink couch and orange chairs.”

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Daring Dining

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Wiley and Morelli braved mixing busy wallpaper with statement chairs in the dining room with a hugely successful result. “Her comfort with the juxtaposition and the mingling of unexpected elements became very clear to me from that moment,” Stein says.

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Cool as Ice

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Their tendency toward bold pairings — like the ice blue bar and floral wall covering — might suggest they are experts in interior design, but Wiley is quick to confirm she’s still climbing the ranks. “I’m just not used to decorating a house,” she says. “We’re both new to it. I’m just starting to learn I can have opinions.”

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Kitchen Connection

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The all-white kitchen gets a boost from a rainbow-striped rug. “Lauren is the cook,” Wiley admits. “And I love to hang out in the kitchen while she’s cooking.”

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Creative Space

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In the shared office, Lips on White wallpaper by Voutsa “added a level of drama and femininity that resonated with both of them,” says Stein. “It was such a treat to have color as the focal point.”

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Fun and Functional

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“The office felt like the perfect room to be even more bold,” Stein adds. The tables sporting an oxidized mirror finish "are actually storage cubes, which was essential in a small space.”

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Welcoming Room

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A guest bedroom boasts an ombre wall that adds interest without sacrificing serenity. “I think, if anything, she had to reign me in!” Morelli admits of her decorator’s need to keep their color in check.

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Keeping It Calm

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A bathroom bathed in white is one of the only spaces noticeably missing a statement shade. “Grounding the more colorful selections with organic materials, such as marble and oak, and a foundation of crips white walls, brought a sense of balance,” Stein says.

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Happy Home

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With a foundation of fun to come home to, the couple can kick off their marriage in style. “I love the house so much!” says Morelli.

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