"My mother and all of her uniqueness has definitely shaped who I am today," the actress says


Olivia Munn is giving one mother of a gift!

The X-Men actress, 37, is quick to admit that her childhood in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was far from quiet. “At my house there’s a lot of screaming going on,” she says in the latest episode of MyHouzz, adding that her family is “very blunt and sarcastic.”

Her mom, Kim, who was born and raised in Vietnam, is at the center of the spirited group, always playing host to their family and friends.

“My mom thinks that cooking is the most important thing,” she says. “There’s always an open door policy for dinner.”

Olivia Munn My Houzz_Before
Credit: MyHouzz

But the kitchen, living room and dining room in her home were far from functional for Kim and Munn’s stepfather, Sam. Not only were the countertops too tall — “She’s a hobbit,” Munn jokes — but the overall layout wasn’t conducive for their big gatherings. So for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, Munn sought out Travis Morelock of MIDMODERNdesign and together they transformed the dark, dreary and cluttered abode into a bright, open and modern retreat for the couple.

Olivia Munn My Houzz_After
Credit: MyHouzz

“If there’s anybody in the world that I think deserves it, it’s her,” Munn says.

In the kitchen, Morelock cleverly borrowed some space from the attic (the existence of which was a surprise to Munn) to raise the ceilings, and also incorporated extendable racks in the cabinets so Kim wouldn’t have to stand on a step stool.

The walk-in pantry is an immediate favorite of Kim’s when she’s finally able to see the space, however the rice cooker and steamer built into the island clearly take the top spots among the new features.


“All of the functionality is custom made to fit your tiny height,” Munn tells her ecstatic mom. Kim adds, “I’m very happy and I can’t wait to cook and invite a lot of people by to see my new house.”

The sectional sofa in the living room is a smart solution that allows everyone equal access to the TV. The dining room now sports modern light fixtures and a plenty of seating for parties. An old fireplace was also replaced with built-in shelves for her collectibles, although Munn notes Kim, “has a lot of dolls for a grown woman.”


While Kim says she is “very, very grateful” for the update, it’s Munn who is thankful she can give back to her role model.

“My mother and all of her uniqueness has definitely shaped who I am today,” Munn says. “My mom always instilled this feeling of self worth in me, and that I knew that my dreams mattered even if they were close to impossible. Without that I wouldn’t have even tried it in Hollywood.”

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