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August 25, 2017 11:48 AM

Boston University alum Olivia Culpo remembers the struggle of shower shoes.

“Probably the bathrooms down the halls and shower caddies,” she tells PEOPLE of her worst memory of dorm life. “The best was that you had so many people living on the same floor as you that it never got lonely. When you first leave home, it can be scary, so it was helpful to have so many people around.”

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The style star and former Miss Universe has teamed up with eBay to curate a collection of cute dorm necessities, and offer some styling tips to make sad general issue campus furniture feel fashion forward.

“My dorm room showcased my personality with a cozy white rug and fresh flowers. I also tried pink wallpaper,” she says, though her tastes have changed a bit since her coed days. “Now, [I] would opt for a more minimal, clean look. I might also add some gold accents to make it even more stylized.”

courtesy Olivia Culpo

The simplest upgrade she suggests is fit for a beauty queen: “I like to set up a vanity or beauty corner to give the room a little feminine flair and good lighting! You can turn your dresser or nightstand into a mini vanity by displaying your pretty makeup items and adding an art deco light-up mirror.”

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Most importantly, says Culpo, make sure to show your personality with “a few interesting pieces like fun desk accessories, cool lamps and patterned rugs.”

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Her go-to is statement-making bedding. “There are so many comforter sets, pillow and blankets in fun colors and patterns out there to choose from at so many great price points,” she says. “You can really make a simple dorm room feel unique and personalized.”

Shop Culpo’s Back-to-College collection on eBay.

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