WATCH: Ellen Gifts NYC Woman Who Found Secret Room Behind Bathroom Mirror a New Vanity — and $10K!

The Tiktok user, Samantha Hartsoe, appeared on Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The saga of the New York City woman who found a hidden space on the other side of her bathroom mirror continues!

On Tuesday, Samantha Hartsoe appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after her four-part saga on TikTok entitled "A New York Mystery" went viral last week.

First explaining the ordeal to host Ellen DeGeneres that she previously documented in the series of social media clips, Hartsoe said that she was more "upset" that her bathroom mirror came off the wall than she was about the secret room she uncovered.

"I'm thinking, I'm brushing my teeth, I'm taking out my Invisalign and at any point, this mirror could have [fallen off] and I'm done," she said.

Twenty-five-year-old Samantha Hartsoe from New York, NY, who recently went viral for posting a series of TikToks discovering a hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror, makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” via video chat airing Tuesday, March 9th.
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DeGeneres, 63, had some burning questions about the mystery and shared her first thoughts after seeing the clip, which has now been viewed over 14 million times: "Where I went is when you're not home, somebody is taking that mirror off on the other side and coming into your apartment," she said.

"These are all good questions," Hartsoe replied, who decided to inspect the seemingly deserted space against her better judgment.

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DeGeneres also asked Hartsoe if she has "secured" the mirror yet, "so someone can't take it off and climb into your apartment?" The New Yorker admitted that she had not with a laugh.

"When we finish talking, you should do that!" DeGeneres said, later adding that the woman should "go put some superglue on that mirror" as well.

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During her time with DeGeneres, Hartsoe also touched upon the reaction her newfound viral fame has brought her from members of her family.

Noting that her sister saw her video before it went viral and demanded answers, Hartsoe also mentioned that her father has been sending her coverage of her story.

Her mother, on the other hand, has been "truly almost in tears" because she is "so proud" of her daughter, Hartsoe said.

"I literally, for a living, I work for the New York affiliate for a nonprofit called Boys Hope Girls Hope, and we take at-risk teens and give them a place to live, an education, we help them go to college and I literally spend my time raising money for us, like for the kids, but this is what my Mom is proud of," she quipped. "This is it for her."

DeGeneres ended the conversation by surprising Hartsoe with a new bathroom vanity from her ED by Ellen brand, while also hiding 10k behind the mirror. "Your story was fantastic," said DeGeneres, before adding, "seal that mirror."

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