Get your sunglasses ready! The Great Christmas Light Fight is back with some majorly over-the-top displays of seasonal spirit


Having a blue Christmas is a good thing in this neighborhood.

Trading Spaces Carter Oosterhouse is kicking off a new season of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight with a home that’s completely over the top and lacking a single red or green bulb.

The Bachelor family of Cedar Hill, Texas, transformed their ranch-style house with thousands of blue and white lights to fit their theme, wrapping trees, highlight hedges, and creating scenes filled with reindeer and christmas trees.

Credit: The Great Christmas Light Fight/ABC

“This is the bluest Christmas I have ever seen. I’ve never seen so many blue lights in my life, Oosterhouse exclaims as Elvis’s “Blue Christmas” blares from speakers in the glowing yard.

A few tiny red touches do sneak into the design in the form of a a Santa donning his traditional suit, but rock n’ rolling to the retro soundtrack.

The display continues around the home and throughout the backyard where blue lights frame out a swimming pool lit up in, yes, more blue. The garden is transformed into a magical Arctic village including the North Pole Inn (a dressed up tool shed), a train, a workshop, resident elves, snowmen and carolers.

Elsewhere, visitors will find a traditional manger scene and Santa driving a sports car.


“Using one color palette in any design is really tricky,” says Oosterhouse. “The Bachelors they did it, and it was absolutely blue-tiful.”

The Great Christmas Light Fight‘s first ever neighbors vs. neighbors battle of the bulbs, airs Monday night at 8pm on ABC.