September 28, 2018 11:03 AM

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is very concerned about safety, especially when she’s on the road with her kids.

So when the Jersey Shore star partnered with Megabus for a video outlining their safety features, she tells PEOPLE it just “came naturally,” even though “it was scary because it’s such a big bus.”

“Megabus’ top priority is safety and same for me because I am a mom,” explains Polizzi, who has a son Lorenzo, 6, and daughter, Giovanna, 4. “So when I’m driving, I want me to drive as safe as I can with my kids in the car. It’s all about keeping your precious cargo safe.”

In the video, Polizzi can be seen demonstrating the bus’s features, like a distracted driver alert that “gently zaps” their seat to alert them if they’re veering off the road, a no-phone policy, and a policy to watch their speed.

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Of course, the video keeps in line with Polizzi’s spunky personality, as she can be seen trying to put a furry leopard-print cover on the steering wheel, and saying “yasss, check your mirrors!” and looking at her hair when instructed to do so as a safety measure.

“As I’m checking the mirrors for cars, I’m also looking to see if my lips look okay—if I don’t look dead basically,” Polizzi tells PEOPLE of her typical driving habits.

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Although she says she’s typically a “good driver,” and is especially safe when driving with her family, she still has “road rage” when she’s driving alone.

“When my kids aren’t in the car I’m still cursing at people—giving them the finger,” she says.

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However, her mom sentiment resonates throughout the video, as the reality star also consistently reminds the safety officer to stop calling her “Snooki.”

“It’s Nicole,” she says repeatedly.

“Ever since I became a mom I’m not ‘Snooki’ the mom, I’m ‘Nicole’ the mom,” Polizzi tells PEOPLE. “When it comes to me wanting to be safe and being a mother, it’s not ‘Snooki from Jersey Shore,’ like I’m not drunk going to the club. I’m being Nicole the mommy.”

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