The fashion designer introduces her flock (and their chic abode) to Architectural Digest

By Mackenzie Schmidt
April 26, 2017 04:36 PM

The last time Nicole Richie publicly expressed an interest in farm life, it was in a pair of denim shortalls alongside Paris Hilton in The Simple Life.

Now, the fashion designer and mom of two, 35, is a dedicated keeper of eight chickens, which she cares for in her Los Angeles backyard. She introduced her flock — Tallulah, Philomena, Mama Cass, Sunny, Daisy and newcomers Ivy, Sibby and Dixie Chick — and their stylish coop to in a high-fashion photo shoot.

Carlos Eric Lopez

“About three years ago, we decided to add to our family and bought five chickens,” says Richie. “I was in New York at the Met Ball, and I came home and they were delivered the same day. I raised them inside my house for about six weeks, and then it was time for them to have a coop.”

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The coop at her new residence in Beverly Hills is a minimal, gray structure that Richie says mimics the style of the main house. “We did a miniature version of my own house in terms of color and style,” she says. “I wanted one color palette throughout.”

Carlos Eric Lopez

While her two children, Harlow, 9, and Sparrow, 7, have taken an interest in the pets, her husband, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, is another story.

“Joel has looked at them maybe two times. When he has friends over and wants to be cool, then he’ll talk about our chickens and give his friends a tour, but otherwise, he doesn’t care about our chickens,” she says with a laugh.

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