Nicole Curtis Says She Was Refused Time with Her Toddler Son on Easter Amid Custody Battle

"Some people take advantage of you when you're most vulnerable," says the Rehab Addict star

Nicole Curtis‘s battle for her toddler rages on after a peaceful meeting with her ex just last week.

The star of DIY Network’s Rehab Addict, 41,writes on Instagram that she “got a solid no” when she asked to spend time with her 34-month-old son, Harper, who she shares with ex Shane Maguire, 54, on Easter. “Holidays aren’t always joyous and I can tell you if you don’t get that? You are so blessed,” she says.

She also reveals Harper was given “his first haircut without me knowing because he ‘looked like a girl.'”

Curtis wrote in the emotional post, which included a photo of her pregnant with Harper: “I think in life some people take advantage of you when you’re most vulnerable — just remember that that person seeks the weak out because they are weak themselves.”

The apparent falling out between the HGTV personality and her former boyfriend comes after the pair had dinner, “just the two of us.” Curtis told PEOPLE, they shared “laughter, tears, all the emotions” as they discussed their ongoing legal struggles and their son’s well-being.

“We both love our children more than anything, and we’re really no different than anyone else trying to navigate through some really trying times and the challenges of being the best mom and dad possible,” she said.

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Maguire recently filed a legal complaint that claimed she relocated to California from Michigan in an attempt to keep him from seeing his son, but dropped it after the pair settled the misunderstanding.

Harper — who Curtis says she is still breastfeeding, though less frequently, as she practices baby-led weaning — is splitting time between Los Angeles and Michigan, where Maguire, a businessman, is based.

After spending time with a “group of kickass women taking care of my broken little mommy heart” over the holiday weekend, Curtis is headed to Florida to visit her grandfather, with whom she has a close relationship.

A heart-to-heart with her “gramps” recently led Curtis to post a throwback photo on Instagram that captured her and Maguire in formal attire, ascending a staircase hand-in-hand. “I’m thankful that my friend captured this moment for my little,” she wrote, adding, “the most valuable gift you can give your children is to remind them they came of love and laughter …not hate and $500 an hour attorneys.”

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