The lawsuit states Curtis hasn't paid property taxes or maintained insurance on the property she promised to fix-up

The city of Minneapolis is suing Nicole Curtis' company Detroit Renovations, claiming the HGTV star failed to renovate a dilapidated house her firm bought from the city in 2013 for just $2.

According to the lawsuit obtained by Consumerist, Curtis' company failed to adhere to the terms of a contract it entered into with the city, promising to fix-up the North Minneapolis property and complete a list of basic improvements within a year.

The suit, filed in January, states Detroit Renovations "failed to substantially complete the Minimum Improvements on the Property." It also claims the company hasn't paid property taxes or maintained insurance on the residence.

The city alleges breach of contract and asks the court to give the property back to the city.

Credit: Lauren Noess

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Curtis' lawyers said in court filings that the TV personality admits the home has not been renovated, but that the company "was prevented and/or delayed from completing performance (of the contract's terms) due to the acts of Plaintiff and the acts of third parties."

City officials zeroed in on the problem property after receiving several complaints from neighbors about unsafe conditions, the Tribute reports.

Curtis reacted to the lawsuit on social media, saying on Instagram that she's told her team to "to ignore the negativity."

"The only way I've gotten this far is by staying on my path and remembering that those that have the time to disband such hate on others . . . well, let's just say happy, successful people don't do that," she wrote in the Instagram post.

The mother of two also quipped on Twitter, "I'd like to thank all the Minneapolis news teams for publishing such a great pic of my dog and me."

The suit isn't Curtis's only legal struggle. She is also embroiled in a child custody battle with the father of her 20-month-old son, Harper.