Nicole Curtis is clapping back at those criticizing her for continuing to breastfeed her nearly 3-year-old son Harper

By Alexia Fernández
April 02, 2018 09:54 PM

Nicole Curtis is clapping back at those criticizing her for continuing to breastfeed her nearly 3-year-old son Harper.

The mother of two, 41, shared an intimate flashback photo of herself on Instagram Monday, which showed her lying on her side in a hospital bed while her best friend rubbed her shoulders and her doula knelt beside her.

“I’m getting bashed on for extended breastfeeding and accused of alienating a father….again,” Curtis wrote in the caption. “I’m posting this and I’m saying -mamas out there in similar situations DON’T HIDE,” she wrote. (Later in the post, Curtis clarified that she was “getting bashed in the comments” and “not directly by”)

Curtis, who practices baby-led weaningchildren who are still breastfeeding or taking a bottle are encouraged to self-feed appropriate finger foods, rather than being slowly introduced to purées with a spoon — has been open about her journey since she spoke with PEOPLE last fall about her ongoing custody battle and decision to continue breastfeeding.

In the post, she continued, “It is one hundred percent natural to still nurse your child – your body was made for it. And if you are going thru a pregnancy or motherhood alone-LOAD UP on good people to support you.”

Curtis explained she had been in labor for more than 13 hours while her best friend and her doula assisted her and pointed out that her ex, Shane Maguire, was nowhere in sight.

“Note, no supportive, excited father and that’s okay, but any woman who goes through this moment alone and then gets accused of ‘alienating’ -May the Dear Lord grant you grace and patience,” Curtis wrote.

Nicole Curtis and her son, Harper
| Credit: Nicole Curtis/Instagram

The Rehab Addict star also shared some of the suggestions people make to help her wean her son.

“And people actually state -pump your milk and put it in a sippy cup ! What ? What ? What ?????? Yeah, hey it’s a natural body function – would you tell someone to wear a catheter ? So whacked out. #normalizebreastfeeding #babyledweaning,” she wrote.

In November, the home renovation expert revealed to PEOPLE that she was “in the process of weaning” her then-30-month-old son off breastfeeding, which has been a point of contention in what she has called a “heart-wrenching” custody case with Maguire.

Maguire initially accused Curtis of continuing to breastfeed their toddler as a way to prevent him from getting time with his son. Curtis, however, denied that she ever wanted it to become a problem.

“It’s so important that children have both of their parents,” she told PEOPLE. “But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right.”