The Rehab Addict star shared a peek into the "chaos" at home, while sporting a one-piece

Credit: Nicole Curtis Instagram

Nicole Curtis is putting a new twist on the bathing suit selfie: keeping it real.

The Rehab Addict star posted a photo of herself on Instagram showing off her fit physique in a flamingo print one-piece with keyhole cutouts. But instead of lounging languidly on a beach, she snapped the photo in her entryway at home with her 3-year-old son, Harper, and the family dog photobombing.

“I don’t know if any other pic could sum up the degree of chaos better than this,” she writes alongside the photo. “My phone has been ringing (like people actually calling me) since about 6 am. Couple job sites going -found the dog on top of the stove paws in a to-go container from last night. And in the middle of it all I found this one piece swimsuit that I forgot I bought (3 years ago in Spain) and thought why not just get this over with ??”

She explains her reason for posting the swimsuit shot: “I see all my mom friends posing like models in these get-ups & I’m now wondering -how long did it take them to look so perfect this will never be seen again as it’s a lot of work to even get into let alone out if with kids in tow ????” she asks, jokingly adding that, she’s “contemplating my own sanity.”

The mom of two — she also shares son Ethan, 21, with ex Steven Cimini — and outspoken presence on Instagram, also reminds her followers that “no one’s life is as perfect as their social media portrays —if only :).”

Curtis frequently gets candid on social media, promoting normalizing breastfeeding and sharing her often-fraught co-parenting experience with Harper’s dad, Shane Maguire, with whom she’s locked in an ongoing custody battle.

“We both love our children more than anything, and we’re really no different than anyone else trying to navigate through some really trying times and the challenges of being the best mom and dad possible,” Curtis told PEOPLE in March.

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