HGTV Star and Single Mom Nicole Curtis 'Would Give Anything to Have a Husband That Loved & Supported Me'

Photo: Timothy Hiatt/Getty

Nicole Curtis is a proud single mom, but she’s still on the lookout for the partner of her dreams.

“I would give anything to have a husband that loved me and supported me, and, you know, took the kids out for pizza while I designed,” the HGTV star told Country Living. “But I just never had that.”

The Rehab Addict also shares that her grandparents, who she grew up next door to, serve as her main relationship inspiration. “Gramps,” she says, still calls his late wife the most beautiful woman he’s ever known.

“For a man to say that about me, yeah, I would be hook, line, and sinker,” says Curtis, “but it hasn’t happened. You’ve got to be as great a man as my Gramps.”

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Curtis’ grandmother passed away two days after her 70th wedding anniversary, and shortly after Curtis’ seventh season of her hit HGTV series came to a close. Her grandfather is now even more a part of Curtis’ family, which includes teenage son Ethan, and Harper, 22 months, over whom she’s currently embroiled in a custody battle with ex Shane Maguire.

“I’ve had good relationships and positive experiences and I wish they were all like that, but unfortunately they aren’t,” Curtis told PEOPLE in October.

But throughout her personal and professional struggles — she was also recently sued by the city of Minneapolis over a home she purchased for $2 — she tries to remain positive.

“My life is absolutely not perfect,” she says. “The most important thing for me is to be strong for my children and my grandfather.”

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