"I forgot what life was like before I had this pillowcase — I hope I never remember"

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nicolas cage pillow
Credit: Amazon

While Nicolas Cage is often in the center of many movies (and memes), now he can be in the center of your living room, too.

The movie star’s face has been transformed into a reversible sequin pillow. Better known as a “mermaid pillow,” the sparkly pillows have become super popular and trendy over the last few years, all because they reveal an image, phrase, or change colors when you run your hand over them. Amazon is full of these sequin pillowcases (the most popular being ones like this with two different colors), but shoppers seem to have fallen in love with the one that reveals Cage’s face.

The sequin pillowcases come in several colors, including gold, hot pink, red, and purple, that all have a close-up of the actor’s face. Customers often purchase it as a gag gift for friends and family members that love (or hate) Cage.

nicolas cage pillow
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Ainik Mermaid Sequin Nicolas Cage Pillow Case, $9.99–$10.99; amazon.com

“I bought this pillow for my mom for Mother’s Day because she made the mistake of telling me she liked Nicolas Cage (let’s be honest, who doesn’t), but nevertheless it is perfect for the couch in her RV,” one shopper wrote. “Quality is decent, the picture is awesome, and I, nor she, have any complaints. We love it and think it’s hysterical.”

Another reviewer wrote, “Bought for a bachelorette party and it’s an inside joke — my best friend is going to think it’s hilarious. The gold side is perfect, and his face side is also perfect. I cannot wait! For the price and quality it’s more than fair. Def don’t hesitate and buy.”

Keep in mind that this is just a pillow cover that doesn’t come with an insert, but it fits any pillow that’s 16 by 16 inches. If you need a throw pillow for it, many customers purchase this $8 hypoallergenic insert. Whether you’re purchasing the Nic Cage pillowcase for yourself (we’re not judging!) or for a loved one, we’re positive this is one of the best gifts for any fan out there.