Nick Jonas Introduces New Card Game 'LINKEE' That Mick Jagger Originally Taught Him How to Play

“Big Potato, who makes LINKEE, reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate on something – and I was thrilled,” Jonas tells PEOPLE

Nick Jonas
Photo: Courtesy Big Potato Games

Nick Jonas is a sucker for a good card game!

The singer, 29, has teamed up with the British game company, Big Potato Games, to launch his very own version of his favorite trivia card game called LINKEE.

Jonas was originally introduced to the game while on vacation with his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 40, and another famous friend of theirs.

"I actually learned while on vacation with my wife. We went to a friend's house, and that friend happened to be none other than Mick Jagger. He introduced us to the game and we had a great time playing," he says in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

Although Jagger's team won the game that night, Nick couldn't stop raving about it while judging on The Voice, which caught the British game company's attention.

"Big Potato, who makes LINKEE, reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate on something — and I was thrilled. So I jumped on board and helped curate the game itself and the gameplay for this version of it, as well as the packaging," Jonas adds.

The objective of the game is to split into teams and figure out the link between four quiz questions on the given card. Once a team has deciphered what the questions all have in common, they must shout "LINKEE" to make their guess.

Although originally a British game, Jonas and his team made sure his version of the game would be suitable for American players. "We worked very hard on the gameplay to make sure that it was going to be digestible by the U.S. audience as far as the references and things like that," the singer explains.

In regards to what makes his version unique, the "Jealous" singer said that each card reflects his own personal touch and has trivia questions that are specific to him. "And then on top of that," he jokes, "it's got my face on it, which definitely sets it apart."

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Courtesy Big Potato Games

Having to think outside of the box is what initially drew Jonas to the game. He said he enjoys the challenge of connecting all the dots and needing to get multiple answers correct.

"It really keeps you on your toes. And if you play with a group of friends, it's really fun to deliberate and make sure that whatever decision you're making as a team is the right one. If it's not, you give the other team a clear shot to take that away from you," he tells PEOPLE.

According to Jonas, people who aren't trivia buffs will still have a fun time playing LINKEE. He explained that players should only need to guess two out of the four questions on a card to unlock the link between all four.

He also disclosed a secret tip on how to win the game, which is to yell out the link even if you're not completely sure it's correct.

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The Jonas Brothers performer revealed how the game meant a lot to him and his family during the pandemic. "We all fell in love with it during lockdown and playing it over Zoom. It was a really important thing for us to connect and play games while so much was going on," he reflects.

In fact, one of the most exciting parts of the game creation process for Jonas was finally being able to tell his family and friends about it.

"I think getting to share with them that I was actually doing it and showing the box was just frankly kind of hilarious. And I'm going to be sending it to all my friends for sure," he says.

The Voice judge also stated that he loves to play the game whenever he has down time. "I definitely play on holidays and while on tour, before and after shows. It's an easy game to pick up and just dive in. So we play a lot while on the road," Jonas adds.

LINKEE is now available for purchase at Target, Amazon and Walmart.

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