New Show 'Murder House Flip' Will Investigate (and Renovate!) Homes with a Deadly History

HGTV, but make it creepy.

murder house flip
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A new series is putting a dark twist on the house flipping show formula.

Murder House Flip, which will premiere on digital streaming service Quibi, is just what it sounds like: A home renovation show for houses with a grisly past.

Unlike other flipping shows, like HGTV’s hit Flip or Flop — on which the hosts buy an undesirable or run-down property, renovate it with all the must-haves popular with home buyers, then sell it for a profit — Murder House delves deep into the troubling history of the houses, before giving them a decidedly more cheerful new appearance.

The properties featured will be some of “the country’s most infamous homes” a press release promises, though none of the locations have been revealed yet.

Quibi, which also just announced a forthcoming thriller starring Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner, describes the show as a “true crime home renovation series,” and fittingly, the renovation process employs not only expert designers and carpenters, but forensic specialists and spiritual healers.

Other than the salacious backstories, Murder House will differ from other flipping shows in one major way: the flippers aren’t there to make a profit.

Instead, executive producer Josh Berman (who is also behind the CSI franchise) explains in the release, the show is meant to bring “healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces.”

Quibi will launch in spring 2020.

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