The actor's recently remodeled home is a welcoming blend of fun and style

Walking into Lamorne Morris’ 6,000-square-foot home in Los Angeles, there’s a welcoming feeling of style and fun — and more than few tributes to his favorite sport.

“A lot of the things in this house are basketball-related,” Morris, who starred as Winston on New Girl, tells PEOPLE in his video tour, above. “As soon as you come in I wanted it to have that feel.”

Just off the entryway to the modern Spanish-style property, there is a black and white photo of a famous basketball court in Hong Kong and “the greatest game of all time,” he says: an arcade version of the classic video game NBA Jam.

“If you know me, you know you don’t want problems with me in this game,” he jokes, adding that the free-flowing candy in dispensers nearby is there as a stealthy distraction for his opponents.

Lamorne Morris’ game room

Morris, 36, who shares the 6-bedroom, 7-and-a-half bath bachelor pad with his brother Devon and writing partner Kyle Shevrin, says he spends most of his time in the living room, which opens up to his large backyard and outdoor dining area.

“One of the biggest attractions that drew me to this house is the indoor-outdoor feel that is has,” he explains. “Even when you’re inside you still have that outside feel.”

Lamorne Morris posing casually with his morning coffee in his living room
| Credit: Diana Koenigsberg

The actor, whose latest project is the new Vin Diesel action thriller Bloodshot (out now), worked with his close friend and interior designer Morgan Cleary to give the space a “more personal” feel.

“She’s amazing and she knows what I like, which has been the biggest help,” he says.

While Cleary guided Morris in his selection of furnishings—several are reupholstered vintage pieces—and art (he framed posters of favorite movies), ultimately he was in control of the vibe. “It’s very masculine,” he adds, laughing. “Clearly I have something to prove.”

Credit: Diana Koenigsberg

She also helped him choose several pieces that hold a special place in his heart, like a framed photo in the kitchen of Morris with his New Girl costars Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson.

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Morris’ custom half-court in his backyard
| Credit: Diana Koenigsberg

“That’s a very important photo to me because Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and I were all on New Girl together and that picture summarizes my life for a good seven years,” he explains. “That kind of formed me into who I am today which is an a—–,” he adds with a smile.

Another space that Morris especially enjoys is his custom basketball half-court in the backyard, where he tries to play “every single day,” whether shooting hoops solo, with friends or, as seen in his video tour, entertaining PEOPLE readers.

Morris lounging in his backyard
| Credit: Diana Koenigsberg

After a two-year renovation, he says he finally feels like this spot is home. “Other places that I’ve lived, I didn’t put my personality into,” he admits. “It didn’t quite feel like home until recently.”

Morris, who grew up on Chicago’s South Side, is the first to credit his work ethic—along with some luck—for being able to purchase such an impressive property. “This is what you work for,” he allows. “There was a time where I was couch-surfing; there was a time I was sleeping in the car a little bit. I’m so lucky.” (He also owns another house in Chicago, which he bought for his mom.)

Credit: Diana Koenigsberg

And although the life of an actor often means living out of a suitcase on location, these days he tries to stay put as much as possible. “Other places that I’ve lived, I didn’t put my personality into,” he admits. “This is a home I’ll be in for quite some time.”