Nate Berkus Says Launch of New Home Collection Marks the Next Chapter in His Career: 'It's a Big Deal'

PEOPLE chatted with the interior designer about his new line, Nate Home, and how it’s “been years in the making”

Nate Berkus New Home Collection
Photo: mDesign

Nate Berkus has officially launched his long-awaited home line, Nate Home!

In partnership with mDesign, the new collection features an array of elevated pieces — from bedding essentials to organization items — inspired by the interior designer's travels and firm belief that every home should tell a story.

Berkus, who is "very vehemently anti-trend," says he knew what he wanted to achieve with this line from the very start.

"The whole goal for me with Nate Home was to craft something that, 10 years from now, would still feel classic and relevant and layerable with the precious things that people bring into their homes that tell their story," he tells PEOPLE.

He also focused on using quality materials with each product — from "certified cotton that has no harmful substances" to dyes and textures that "feel better with every wash."

Nate Berkus New Home Collection

Along with the design aesthetic, The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project star opened up about how the launch marks a new exciting chapter in his career.

"I really do view this collection as the next phase of my career," he explains. "I wanted complete creative control and I wanted a partner that had amazing relationships with retailers online and understood my philosophy on design and living well."

He notes that working with mDesign has "been really fun and really important at the same time," and that he's enjoyed using his 20-plus years of product design experience, as well as feedback from social media, to make this partnership happen.

"I'm super proud of the's been years in the making," Berkus says. "It's a big deal for me."

Nate Berkus New Home Collection

Nate Home, which officially dropped on Feb. 6, is available for purchase online at mDesign, as well as Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's and Belk. With products starting at $14.99, the line is broken down into five categories: Nate Home Essentials, the Passport Collection, the Eras Collection, the Terra Collection and the Home Organization Collection.

Each one offers items that align with a certain theme. For example, the Passport Collection "has a lot of block printing, patterning, stripes that are more drawn out and is just sort of my invitation to see the world through my eyes," Berkus explains.

This group of products especially reflects his travels, and Berkus explains that he's always inspired by every new place he visits.

"I've always brought everything back that I thought was interesting and special about somewhere and applied it to something modern. I'm actually annoying to travel with," he jokes.

Nate Berkus New Home Collection

The Home Organization Collection, which represents Berkus' "not-so-secret obsession" with having a tidy home, uses innovative design to offer simple organization solutions.

With that in mind, Berkus reveals his ultimate tip for maintaining an organized space.

"The antidote is doing a ruthless edit in your home," he reveals. "Most of us don't need half of what we actually have stuffed in drawers, under beds, in closets and in our pantry even."

He adds: "Once you do that and donate the things that aren't serving you anymore, then I think the next phase is finding a collection of home organizational products that really just make your life easier and free you up to make the romantic and creative decisions about design."

Shop Nate Home online at mDesign, as well as Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's and Belk.

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