March 21, 2017 01:17 PM


Nate Berkus is taking a stance on throw pillows.

“Many pillows on the bed,” Berkus, 45, answers during a game of PEOPLE’s Interior Design: Would You Rather. “Four pillows that you sleep on . . . and then I would do three to five pillows decorative on top. And everyone flings them on the floor, so it’s fine.”

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The interior designer also stands firm that pillows should be fluffed up, not karate chopped, and casts a convincing vote for marble countertops. “I’m so tired of granite,” he says.

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Lines get blurred, though, when Berkus has to choose between a tub or a shower. Although his and husband Jeremiah Brent’s daughter, Poppy, loves a good soak, he can’t deny the power of a hot shower. “I love a bath tub, our daughter loves a bath tub, but I love a big shower, too,” he says.

But when it comes to a bigger, better master bath or closet, Berkus doesn’t hesitate in the full video above. “Closet, man. All day long,” he says.

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