Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Teach Daughter Poppy, 3, to Give Back and the Result Is Adorable

The dads and interior designers share a look inside their family life on Nate and Jeremiah By Design

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are instilling life lessons in daughter, Poppy, 3 — with mixed results.

The dads attempt to teach their older child (they welcomed a second baby, son Oskar, in March) to give to those less fortunate in an exclusive clip from Saturday’s episode of Nate and Jeremiah by Design.

“We’re gonna go shopping first,” Brent, 33, explains. “But then, when it gets dark, we’re gonna get in a magic van…”

Continues Berkus, “Guess what’s in the van? Sandwiches, water, chips, shampoo.” Poppy doesn’t look totally sold on this grocery list, but she eventually gets back on board when Brent tells her what the supplies are for.

“And we drive around and give that stuff to people who are sleeping on the street with nothing.”

When Berkus, 46, asks, “Is that a good idea?” She agrees, and then promptly gets back to her main priority: going down the slide by herself.

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Explains the interior designer and Oprah alum, “As parents, I think the most important thing we can teach our daughter is that when you see somebody whose circumstances are different than yours, you have an obligation to help.”

Feeding the homeless isn’t the only way the couple have chosen to pay it forward. They were recently honored at the Family Equality Council’s Impact Awards for the positive light they’ve shed on non-traditional families.

“I think what we stand for as a family is equal rights for everybody and we consider ourselves more the same than different, but we know that not everybody feels that way,” Berkus, tells PEOPLE of himself and his husband.

“As two men who have these incredible opportunities to [not only] show our family and how our family lives and loves and hopes and dreams just like every other family, but to do it publicly, is a very big responsibility that both of us take seriously,” he explains.

Nate & Jeremiah by Design airs Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on TLC.

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