PHOTOS: Inside Nastia Liukin's 'Cozy and Warm' Boston Bedroom

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Nastia Liukin's Sweet Love Nest

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Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin and her fiance Matt Lombardi first got “house fever” while visiting their couple BFFs Shawn Johnson and Andrew East in Nashville. “We loved their home, and that’s when we started talking about possibly looking for homes in the Boston area,” Liukin says. While she was away on a work trip, Lombardi found a house that they both immediately fell in love with. “I knew it was the one, even though just the framework was completed,” she admits. After designing everything from “the wood floors, to the kitchen and bathroom tiles,” their love nest was finally completed — but they still needed to put their stamp on the space, particularly in the engaged couple’s bedroom. Enter Joss & Main, who helped Liukin and Lombardi create a restful retreat that captured both of their styles.

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Signature Style

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Liukin and pal Johnson, who also worked with Joss & Main to redecorate her own bedroom, both “craved a cozy, rustic vibe,” according to the site’s style director, Donna Garlough. Their similar styles even extended to their furniture — both women picked the exact same bed! “When we both showed each other our boards, we started laughing hysterically,” Liukin says of their accidental matching.

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Cozy Retreat

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The top priority for Liukin was creating a restful spot. “Both of us travel quite a bit and are in so many hotel rooms,” Liukin says. “We wanted to create a cozy and warm environment to come home to every night.”

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Simple Yet Chic

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Rustic wood furniture and bits of green keep the glam space grounded. “Nastia craved small touches of glamour, like a lucite lamp, orb chandelier with a pretty glass drop and a fur throw,” Garlough says.

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Memorable Milestones

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The small details that capture the young couple’s personality are Liukin’s favorite moments in the room. “This is our first home together, so we really wanted to create something special,” she says.

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Decorative Compromise

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Lombardi was on the same page with Liukin's choices, with one caveat: “He was on board with everything, as long as nothing was too ‘girly,’” she says. “That’s the one thing I had to adjust to. My home in Texas is decorated with lots of girly things. Let’s just say that was off limits for this house.”

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Home Sweet Home

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The finished product is a serene space that Liukin and Lombardi will always remember. “I’m so happy with the end results,” she says. “It came out better than we had even envisioned.”

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