“It was really important for me to have a place where I could make music and have a creative space,” Stella says

By Eileen Finan
April 12, 2018 06:09 PM

Nashville actress Lennon Stella has a clear vision for each room in her Music City home: a nook where friends can jam until daylight, a kitchen with space for dance parties, a “super cozy” dining room that’s still roomy enough for eight.

“A dinner party is like my dream, oh my gosh,” says Stella, who plays Rayna Jaymes’s (Connie Britton) daughter, Maddie Conrad, on the hit show, which ends a six-season run this year.

The trouble is, with her hectic filming schedule, she’s had little time to entertain since she bought the three-bedroom bungalow last summer, just a month after her 18th birthday. Plus, she says with a laugh, “I don’t do much cooking!”

Credit: Paul Costello

But, she tells PEOPLE, standing in her bright kitchen, which blends a vintage rug with modern gold accents (most of which she found online), “It looks cute in here! And this whole room opens up and is perfect if I were to have a party.”

In the kitchen corner is one of Stella’s prized possessions: a vintage white baby grand piano, a housewarming present from her sister (and Nashville co-star) Maisey. “You can tell it’s been loved,” Stella says of the instrument. “If I’m in the kitchen and my dad comes over, he’ll be playing. It’s an awesome spot for that. We’ve had sing-alongs.”

The daughter of musicians (her parents are Canadian country duo The Stellas), music is a running theme in the three-bedroom renovated 1936 home. Vinyl records fill her shelves (the Beatles and her namesake, John Lennon, are well-represented) and walls in her music room are decorated with rock art — including a custom Pink Floyd neon sign — and guitars, including her first, given to her by her parents when she was 5.

Credit: Paul Costello

“It was really important for me to have a space that felt super vibey and where I could make music and have a creative space,” Stella says. “It was in my dreams to have a music room where there’s a ton of people playing in here.”

Among her creative touches is her “inspiration wall,” a collage of magazine clippings and photos (including one of her TV mom) “that make me feel good.”

The wall is an idea she picked up from Pinterest, and she admits she’d been pinning home design ideas and scouring real estate site Zillow for years before she was old enough to buy her own place.

“My parents were gypsies, and we never stayed in a house longer than a year,” says the Ontario native. “Having a home that felt like a home was super important to me.”

Though she’ll soon be saying goodbye to her fictional family (“the most bitter sweet thing”) and will split her time between Nashville and L.A. as she begins to record her first solo album, Stella says her permanent roots will remain in her adopted hometown. “This is it for me,” she says. “I’m from Canada, but we’ve literally lived here since 2009, this is totally home.”