April 07, 2016 10:21 AM
It’s moving day at the Novogratz castle!

After Cortney and Bob Novogratz uprooted their kids Wolfgang, 18, Tallulah and Bellamy, 17, Breaker, 15, Five and Holleder, 10, and Major, 7 from New York City to Los Angeles and finished eight months of work on their renovated castle turned home in the Hollywood Hills, it’s finally time to move in.

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“Today is going to be hectic,” says Cortney in the ninth episode of PEOPLE’s home design web series, The Castle Next Door. “We have the movers coming, the kids unpacking.”

And it wouldn’t be moving day without a few hiccups. First the moving truck and the plumbers arrive at the same time causing some congestion outside on their narrow street. Then they have to bring Breaker’s piano down a set of unfinished stairs. But the Novogratz are just happy to have their old things in the new house—and to be doing it all as a family.

“We haven’t had most of our stuff for over of a year,” says Bob. “So to see our paintings and our clothing and our family mementos, that was a great feeling.”

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“For the first time since we’ve moved to L.A., it’s starting to feel like home,” adds Tallulah.

As for your own big move, Cortney suggests taking advantage of the process.

“The great thing about moving, especially for a big family, is you get to purge and get rid of a lot of things,” she says. “Make sure you take the time to donate and give things away.”

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