This Motorized Pool Float Lets You Play Bumper Boats Anywhere, Anytime

The GoBoat comes from Shark Tank contestant Dave Yonce

The Go Boat

Summer is the perfect time for trips to the water, whether you’re a fan of the ocean, lake, river or pool.

If you’ve ever wanted to turn a lazy float into something a little more epic, we’ve found the essential summertime toy for you.

The GoBoat is a motorized personal watercraft perfect for playing bumper boats — in fact, that’s what it was initially created for!

GoBoat’s founder Dave Yonce (whom you might recognize from Shark Tank) was inspired to get on the water more often after flying over Oklahoma during the summer of 2008. He and his sons spent the rest of the summer designing bumper boats, finishing the project the night before school started back up.

“With headlights and floodlights lighting the pond, they launched their crafts at 1:00am… and had a blast on the water,” the company’s website says. “After four generations of prototypes and years of testing, the GoBoat is ready for production & distribution.”

But bumping into friends or family on the water isn’t the only thing the floats are good for.

The company says that it also features “quiet operation” for duck hunting, and can be used for fishing, sight-seeing and other aquatic activities.

The Go Boat

The GoBoats can also be launched from any shore, so you don’t have to worry about finding a boat landing before your adventure — and it easily breaks down to fit into any sized car.

“The GoBoat is something I’ve dreamed of sharing for years,” Yonce said back in 2016, when there was a Kickstarter campaign for the floats. “This boat is a game changer because it’s so portable and so simple to operate. I’m excited to make a great day of boating affordable for everyone.”

The GoBoat will set you back $299 to $314, but that does not include the motor, which is sold separately.

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