Hate Bug Bites? This Camping Chair with Its Own Personal Mosquito Is Here to Save Your Summer

The chair releases a canopy-to-ground bug net that protects whoever is sitting inside from pesky bugs

net chairs
Photo: SwimWays

Not looking to be a mosquito’s evening snack? This chair might just be the summer salvation you’re looking for.

Pool product manufacturer Swimways has designed a new foldable canopy chair that includes a mosquito net to keep flying pests at bay.

The Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard is a quad-style chair equipped with a 50+ UPF sun-protection canopy, from which is hung a single-person-sized net that is weighted at the bottom to keep it in place. It can hold up to 250 lbs. and has an oversized mesh seat.

Lime-green piping and black and white racing stripes, ensure this unique seat is as eye-catching as it useful.

net chairs

“Say goodbye to irritating bugs ruining your outdoor activities with the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard!” the chair’s description reads. “This canopy camping chair features a canopy-to-ground bug net that protects you from bugs at every angle.”

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When you don’t need to use the bug guard, you can simply role up the net into a zipper pouch built into the overhead canopy.

The product, which is available on Amazon for $$62.96 on Amazon, has a 4.2 star rating, with one reviewer calling it “the best investment ever!” Others took issue with the slight bulkiness of the chair when it’s packed up, but note it’s easy to fold and keeps bugs away better than citronella candles and plants or chemical sprays.

If you’re willing to look a little silly, this is the hottest seat for your next camping trip, evening sports game or tailgate.

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