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April 07, 2017 02:16 PM

When Molly Sims and her husband, film producer Scott Stuber, found their Pacific Palisades home it was only 80% done. But the model, actress and mom of three had a vision for her family’s new house that was 100% complete.

“People always say, ‘You could do it on your own, you have such great taste,’ and I do!” Sims tells of her interior design prowess. “I love design. Mama never met a couch she didn’t like.”

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Despite her confidence, Sims decided to call on longtime collaborator Dan Scotti, who worked on her loft in New York City and her house in the Hamptons, for some professional help.

Together, they finished the structural projects and brought a sophisticated yet family-friendly design to life.

“My designer . . . definitely pushed me to a more modern style, still beautiful, but more streamlined,” says Sims. “I was building a home for a family not for a girl who was single in her 30s like I had been for so long. I kind of needed to be pushed in another direction.”

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A distinctly un-girly feature is now the home’s showpiece:  “Our favorite room in the whole house is the kitchen because that’s ultimately where everyone is,” says Sims of the space clad in navy subway tiles from floor to ceiling.

But its priciest space is actually a favorite of her husband, Scott: [The screening room is] “the most expensive room in the house, and my husband’s favorite,” Sims says. Scotti adds, “Scott was very involved in the layout of the theater. He would come in during construction and sit where his seat would be. It’s such an important part of what he does, so we had to get it just right.”

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One thing the whole family can appreciate is the spectacular views. “The canyon views on this property are just outstanding,” says Scotti, “I think it was one of their primary decisions to buy this house.”

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