Mohamed Hadid, Dad to Gigi and Bella, Reveals His Opulent Mansion, Which Once Hosted a Homeless Michael Jackson


If you happen to visit Mohamed Hadid and Shiva Safai, be sure not to disturb the resident swans.

The home that the Palestinian-American real estate developer and father to two of a new set of supermodels — Gigi and Bella Hadid — shares with his fiancé, is only one of many he owns around the world. But it’s opulent style and seamless blend of periods and cultures makes for a truly one-of-a-kind residence, complete with a Versaille-style garden with two ponds and seven white swans. You can see the Bel Air property in this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Interiors

“I don’t follow trends so I make my own,” says Hadid, who made his name designing Ritz Carlton hotels in the U.S. “I create homes that feel like a home — it could be a palace or a mansion — but each one has a comfortable feeling.” The 48,000-square-foot estate, known as Belvedere Mansion, sits on 2.2 acres.

John Tsiavis

Among the home’s most over-the-top amenities are a marble-clad Turkish Hammam that friend Andrea Bocelli loved so much when he visited that he burst into song, a Baroque-style private theatre, and kitchen cabinetry hand-carved by artisans in three countries, “The kitchen is the most beautiful I have ever seen and we have this huge walk-in refrigerator,” says Safai. Artworks range from Rennaissance pieces to a painting of Safai done by Hadid, based on an iPhone photo he took of her.

John Tsiavis
John Tsiavis

Other famous guests include Quincy Jones and David Foster (who also married and separated from Gigi and Bella’s mother, Yolanda), and Michael Jackson, who visited shortly before his death. “He didn’t have a home at the time and on Thanksgiving I gave him the house for three days and told him to invite his whole family,” says Hadid.

“Many people have beautiful homes and beautiful things but other people haven’t ever seen them. So why have them?” the mogul says of his family-centric estate. “My father always said ‘Enjoy your life so that other people enjoy your joy.'” We’ll happily come over any time!

See the full story in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Interiors.

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