Mindy Kaling Received the Most Extravagant Gift from an Intern (Hint: It's Miniature and Amazing)

This miniature version of her TV office is incredible

Photo: Hulu/Everett Collection

We’ve all gone to great lengths to impress our bosses at one point or another, but one of Mindy Kaling’s interns has officially raised the bar.

A Mindy Project intern commissioned a miniature version of Kaling’s character Mindy Lahiri’s office to be gifted to the actress as a going away present — and it’s extravagant to say the least.

“I met the client a few months back when she stopped in my shop,” Darren Scala of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, the retailer who created the dollhouse-size replica, tells PEOPLE. “She fell in love with many of the miniatures we have on display and in the gallery.”

D.Thomas Fine Miniatures

Michael Yurkovic

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Although D. Thomas Fine Miniatures would not disclose the price of the piece, experts tell PEOPLE that a “roombox” like this one “could cost thousands of dollars.”

Scala collaborated with the intern as well as the artist, Michael Yurkovic from Atomic Miniature, to ensure that each detail — down to the casters on the desk chair! — was accurate.

“What normally would take months of research, planning and production, he was able to accomplish in just weeks,” Scala says of the artist.

It’s safe to say that Kaling, 37, was blown away, as she took to Instagram to share her reaction on the thoughtful present.

“We talked about the significance of the office of Mindy Lahari,” Scala says. “We knew this piece would make a great miniature and have the most impact as a special gift for Ms. Kaling.”

Best. Intern. Ever.

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