Tracy Tutor Maltas, the newest realtor on MDLLA, tells her castmates to put on "their big boy panties" for season 10
Credit: courtesy Bravo TV

Tracy Tutor Maltas is the newest addition to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ roster of top real estate brokers and the show’s first female realtor. She’s a top agent at Douglas Elliman, alongside MDLLA vet Josh Altman. Here, she shares her behind the scenes insights and dishes on the drama you don’t see on TV exclusively to PEOPLE.

First off I want to say that I am SO excited to be the first female cast member on the show! I have been in the business for 16 plus years and hustled my butt off while juggling being a mom to two amazing girls and wife to my husband, Jason. This whole Million Dollar Listing journey began when I shot a scene with Josh on the last episode of season 9. It was completely unexpected and over the course of a couple months everything just fell into place and the next thing I knew, I was shooting Season 10.

Josh and I have been friends for a while and even though I give him so much crap, (because it’s so easy to do) I have a lot of respect for how hard he works. When the other cast members found out I was surprised that each of them reached out to personally congratulate me. It was good to feel supported by the guys who have been doing this a lot longer than me.

You will come to find out that I work hard and play hard. Don’t be surprised if you see me closing deals with rosé in hand and my cell in the other. It’s all about balance…right?

Alright, let’s chat about episode one: When Stephen called me in the office I didn’t think anything of it, meanwhile Josh’s head is so big he thought he was either getting an award or going to be put in time out. (P.S. Who puts “Show me the cash, I’ll show you the keys” on the inside of their jacket . . . he is something else. #Bless.) The tension between us in that meeting was real. Of course Josh has the number one team..he’s got eight agents under him and a full staff. Guess how many I have? Me, myself, and I! Also, did he really say I need a mentor?! I’m a top producing agent. However, Josh, if you’re reading this, I would be happy to come over and sit you down about that blue shirt!

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When Stephen suggested we co-list the Manhattan Beach property I was a bit annoyed. I try and avoid co-listings because 1. I’m a boss and can handle it on my own and 2. I do things my way and I don’t like too many cooks in the kitchen. Josh can be a bit difficult, so I wasn’t really looking forward to sharing this listing with him. Once we talked it through, though, I realized that the two of us working together brings something different to the table. Josh is the pretty face in the tailored suit and I’m the one actually doing the work and closing the deal.

The Manhattan Beach listing is everything — such an amazing property. I was able to overlook Josh’s daddy knit, but what I wasn’t able to overlook was him trying to price the property way below market value. This property is right on the beach. Not to mention the house next door sold for $3,000 a foot so pricing this property at $2,800 a foot is on point. Thankfully, Stephen knows what he’s talking about and he agreed that we’ll list it at $19.995M. Alpha Tracy- 1, Alpha Josh – ZERO.

Tracy Tutor Matlas
Josh Altman (left), Tracy Tutor Maltas
| Credit: Courtesy of Bravo TV

I had so much fun planning the open house party! Thank god Josh put me in charge of it! Everyone would be sick off grocery store sushi and we would be listening to Pandora with commercial interruptions. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to throw a party. I live for this stuff! Model Hot DJ (check), famous sushi chef (check), rosé (double check).

Look, I might have gone over the budget for the party but it was a hit and packed! I was thinking bigger picture…this isn’t a single commission on a $20M listing. This could be up to $100M dollars in business with this client, which translates to a nice fat commission check that I would love to cash.

After working the room and making some good connections at the even,t I was on cloud 9 until I heard about the argument downstairs. Everything was going off without a hitch. Did the boys really have to kill my buzz? Yes and yes. Can’t these guys put their big boy panties on and learn how to attend an event without bickering. In all honesty, if our client was a fly on the wall, or had a friend pop into the event and reported back to our client, that could have been the end of our Manhattan Beach listing.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles airs Thursdays at 9pm on Bravo.