Credit: CB2

Ross Cassidy has got the blues.

The celebrity decorator who counts Amber Valletta and Sia among his clients has released a new collection with CB2, and it’s chock-full of rugs, décor pieces and furniture in a sea of blue hues that will make you feel instantly calmer (and closer to the beach).

“This collection was inspired by Zen philosophy, and the simplicity, functionality, minimalism and balance associated with it,” Cassidy tells PEOPLE.

Credit: CB2
Credit: CB2

When designing the capsule collection, Cassidy’s main concern was creating statement pieces that are still supremely functional.

“I believe simplicity is very complex, and each and every detail in anything that is designed should be purposeful and considered,” he says.

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Credit: CB2

That mantra is successfully reflected in each piece. The standard side table gets a smart update with raised edges that can house a removable tray, while the streamlined side chair leaves a pretty impression with contrasting colored stitches.

Credit: CB2
Credit: CB2

“The edge of a tray or the lip of a tabletop can become a moment of discovery if one takes the time to design it properly,” he says. “I applied this thoughtful approach to the collection.”

But whether you pick up the nautical-style area rug or the intricate woven side chair, any of the items in Cassidy’s collection are sure to give your spaces a sophisticated spin.