There’s only one plant that monarch butterflies feed on, and it’s this affordable beauty

By Jessica Leigh Mattern
May 13, 2019 05:43 PM
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milkweed butterfly plant

Transforming your yard into an enchanting butterfly-filled haven is simpler than you think thanks to this easy-to-care for plant that does all the work for you.

This under-$15 flowering milkweed plant, which you can get with free, two-day Prime shipping on Amazon, will bring all the butterflies to your yard this spring and summer. Place one of the three roots that come with this set in your favorite container, an empty area in your garden, or any sunny spot around your property and come June, your yard will take flight with the beautiful bugs. We have a feeling butterfly-loving Taylor Swift would approve.

The easy-to-grow, deer- and drought-resistant plant produces small red, orange, and yellow blooms that provide nectar for monarch butterflies to feed on. Its leaves are also a food source for caterpillars as well as the perfect spot for eggs to hatch, ensuring you’ll have butterflies not just now, but in the future, too.


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The black-veined butterflies, whose population has fallen by over 90 percent in recent years, feed exclusively on the plant, according to the USDA Forest Service. By adding a few to your property, you’ll not only liven up the grounds, but you’ll also provide an essential source of nectar monarchs need to survive.

Amazon also sells milkweed seeds for those who prefer to grow the butterfly-friendly plant from scratch. You can also draw other kinds of butterflies to your yard by growing a butterfly bush and lavender, both of which are also inexpensive and available through the retailer.

Most milkweed plants begin to bloom in June and continue to flourish through October, giving you plenty of time to enjoy their beauty. But if you want to enjoy the company of butterflies for as long as possible before their end-of-summer migration, you better add one to your cart now.