WATCH: Miley Cyrus Gets a Surprise Addition to Her Nashville Backyard on 'Cyrus vs. Cyrus' Finale, But Can Brandi and Tish Keep a Secret?

The singer gets a special makeover from her mom and sister

The season finale of Cyrus vs. Cyrus hits close to home. Like, in Miley‘s own backyard.

In the hour-long special, Tish and Brandi Cyrus (interior design enthusiasts, and Miley’s mom and sister, respectively) plan a huge surprise for the singer at their Nashville home.

All season, the decorating duo have been battling it out to win clients for their Tennessee-based business, but in Thursday night’s episode they team up to create a brand new space inside an old, dilapidated barn for their own kin. (You’ll have to watch the episode to see what’s inside).

Tish and Brandi may have masterminded the design of the one-of-a-kind hangout, but the sweet gift was actually dad Billy Ray‘s stroke of genius. Every member of the Cyrus family has a home in Nashville except Miley, so he came up with the idea of creating a space that’s completely her own in order to entice his Los Angeles-based daughter to visit her hometown a little more often.

Check out the exclusive clip above to see the moments leading up to the big reveal, and watch the Cyrus vs. Cyrus season finale on Thursday, June 29, at 10/9C on Bravo.

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