"It became mind-blowing," David Olson told WLTX. "A few of them look like alien eggs."

By Vanessa Etienne
July 15, 2021 12:56 PM
Home owner finds 150 bowling balls under porch
Credit: gofundme

A home renovation turned into an unusual discovery for one Michigan homeowner.

David Olson was demolishing his concrete porch when he came across dozens of bowling balls buried underneath, CNN reports

"Before I smashed anything with a hammer, I was able to pull one of the cinder blocks on the side out and take a peek," Olson, 33, told the outlet. "I saw a bunch of sand and half of a black and blue sphere, and that's when I was intrigued and started brushing the sand off of it and realized it was a bowling ball."

After continuing his dig, he uncovered 158 bowling balls from Brunswick Bowling Products. Olson, who lives in Muskegon along Lake Michigan, reached out to the manufacturer to ensure none of the materials used to create the balls were toxic. 

Home owner finds 150 bowling balls under porch
Credit: gofundme

Following confirmation that they were safe, he started digging them up, learning that many of the bowling balls date back to the 1950s. Olson explained to WLTX that he almost "felt like a paleontologist" while dusting off the balls for clues. "It became mind-blowing," he told the outlet. "A few of them look like alien eggs."

As of now, there's no word as to how the bowling balls ended up under his home. Olson suspects there are even more under the foundation that need to be dug up.

Now referring to himself as "Bowling Ball Man," he created a GoFund me account in order to raise money for a new patio and hopefully create a documentary as he plans to unearth more bowling balls.

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"If you have funds to 'Spare' and would like to help me find another excavation please help my cause," he wrote on Facebook. "At this point, I could either let my story fade away into the past or I could grab it by the 'balls' and continue the story and spread of positive vibes." 

CNN reports that Olson plans to either give the bowling balls away or use them as creative decor in his yard.