These decorations are far more "chill" than they are "bone-chilling"

Yoga Skeleton Halloween Decorations at Michaels
Credit: Michael's

Michaels’ definition of spooky might be a little more…flexible than others.

This year, the craft store is relaxing the idea that Halloween decorations have to be scary, instead stocking shelves with a line of figurines that are far more “chill” than they are “bone-chilling”: skeletons doing yoga.

A hilarious collection from Ashland home decor, these quirky accent pieces depict creepy, boney skeletons twisted up in a variety of yoga poses — from tree pose to king pigeon pose and beyond. You’ll even find one cross-legged and meditating.

According to the Michaels website, the yoga skeletons cost $12 a pop (though they’re on sale right now for only $6!) and come in five different poses, each in a variety of sizes. They can be used to add some holiday spirit to your next Halloween bash or your desk at work, or even get a few to surprise your favorite yoga teacher.

Though not available for shipping online, the skeletons can be found in Michaels stores nationwide. (A representative for the brand suggests contacting your local shop to see if they’re in stock before you go.) But you better hurry — we have a feeling these little yogis will be making like ghosts and disappearing off the shelves soon.

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Yoga not quite your thing (or find it more scary than the skeletons)? We’ve got a list of other easy ways to decorate your house for Halloween on the cheap, with tips courtesy of designer and HGTV alum Emily Henderson.