'MDLNY' 's Luis D. Ortiz Responds to Accusations of 'Abuse' & 'Harassment' from Mother of His Child

"Out of fear I have never spoken openly about the levels of suffering I endured from Luis D Ortiz and other members of his family," Nikita Singh wrote in a GoFundMe she started for herself last week

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Million Dollar Listing: New York alum Luis D. Ortiz is speaking out after Nikita Singh, the mother of his two-year-old daughter, Leela Daniel Singh-Ortiz, accused him of domestic abuse last week.

The former real estate agent and co-host of Netflix's The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, 34, spoke to Good Day NY's Rosanna Scotto on Tuesday morning insisting that Singh's accusations are false, and that "everything that has been put online is completely untrue."

Last week, Singh created a GoFundMe campaign called "Justice for Nikita & Leela legal bills," in which she states that she is hoping to raise 100,000 GBP (approximately $139,456 USD) in order to pay for legal fees associated with keeping her and her daughter in the U.K., away from Ortiz.

"I am currently fighting for my basic human right to live a normal stable life with my daughter. Out of fear I have never spoken openly about the levels of suffering I endured from Luis D Ortiz and other members of his family," Singh writes in the description of the GoFundMe. "Though I managed to distance myself from him physically [by moving to the U.K.] he is now trying to use his money, connections and his powerful lawyers to crush me. He has made false child abduction allegations and we may now be forced to return to the USA. I may be at risk of losing my own child."

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Singh continues: "I am afraid of him and his sphere of powerful allies. He made the choice not to be present in his child's life. I am fearful of him and his form of abusive control over me and my daughter Leela."

Singh says that Ortiz has demanded she return to the U.S. and that she has requested assistance from the U.K. government, noting, "I do fear for our safety if I return."

She also claims that she has learned through mutual friends that "Luis and his family are having us watched and followed."

Singh continues, "Even though I have managed to distance myself from some of the forms of abuse, it feels like he is continuing to attempt to harass and torment me by trying to use our daughter as a way to gain control of our lives."

She claims that she has "not stopped Luis from seeing his child" and that her lawyer has made it clear that [Luis] is welcome to visit her. Creating this fundraiser, she says, is her way to both bring awareness to her situation and to ask for financial assistance from the public.

While appearing on Good Day NY Tuesday morning, Ortiz responded to Scotto questioning him about the situation by saying, "Regardless of what's been said, you've known me for millions of years, and everybody that's known me for millions of years... I am a saint."

"I love my family and I've always been a family man, and I will continue to do what I have to do, but on my own personal time and in my privacy," he continued, stating that he does not want to talk about his daughter and personal life publicly.

"The reason I haven't responded [to Singh's accusations] is, number one, I don't have to. Number two, this is the private life of my daughter. And number three, this is something that we have to do on our own," he continued. "This is my family and regardless of people wanting to know something about it, everybody has their own story and I think that always should stay between the people in it, regardless of celebrity and regardless of you being known."

As of Tuesday afternoon, Singh's GoFundMe had raised 1,181 GBP from 34 donors, and she had shared receipts of herself sending the money to her lawyers.

Singh also asked people to share a photo of her and Leela with text on it that reads, "I was domestically abused by Luis D Ortiz. I have hired international human rights and family law specialists at Twinwood Law Practice to represent us. I believe in the UK justice system to find us some justice and protect us."

In August 2019, Ortiz shocked fans when he shared on an episode of MDLNY that he was going to become a dad. Ortiz, who has been open with his mental health struggles in the past, announced that he was leaving the Bravo series in 2016, but returned back frequently for guest appearances. He conducted Tuesday's interview from Mexico.

In September 2019, he shared a photo of then six-month-old Leela to Instagram for the first time, writing "This is my daughter. She was born on March 8, 2019, in New York City and ever since then, everything has become incredibly purposeful."

He has since seemingly deleted all posts from before May 19, 2021 from his Instagram, which now has only seven posts, all promoting his new Netflix series.

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The new father also previously posted a YouTube video, in which he opened up about what fatherhood had meant to him so far.

"It's an incredible feeling," Ortiz said in the video, which also showed footage of his daughter's birth at Mount Sinai Hospital. "Remember when I told you I wasn't ready for any of this? … I realize it doesn't matter how prepared you are to being a father, you are never ready until the moment is there. And that in a way, is very poetic and very beautiful."

"I just know one thing: I am going to love this baby like there is no tomorrow and I am going to be in this baby's life and going to be a source of support and enhancement for this baby," he added. "That's all I know and that's all that's needed. I will adapt day by day, one day at a time, to whatever's necessary, whatever's required, and whatever I need to be there for."

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