How 'MDLLA' 's Josh Flagg & Josh Altman Turned a Years-Long Rivalry into Friendship and a Spinoff

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh is a new Bravo limited series that features Josh Flagg and Josh Altman doing deals and building their new bond

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh
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Longtime rivals, Josh Flagg and Josh Altman, have done the unthinkable.

The L.A.-based realtors have been brutally fighting with one another for 10 seasons on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, but after years of watching their arguments disrupt parties, cause drama on listings and even get psychical (remember the slap heard round the world?), the two are putting aside their differences and teaming up for their biggest deal yet — their own spinoff show.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh is a four-episode Bravo limited series in the MDLLA franchise, that follows Flagg and Altman's blossoming friendship while the pair take on listings across the Western U.S., in Napa, Aspen and Newport Beach.

When asked during a chat with PEOPLE whether they ever envisioned themselves working on a spinoff together, Flagg is quick to say, "Absolutely not. I didn't think we would've been able to stand in the same room together."

"I mean, that kind of hurts, but it's fine," Altman jokes. "I always had hope when I was trying to plot how to kill Josh Flagg, I hoped that one day we would have a show."

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh
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As fans may remember, they first found some common ground when they teamed up on one of their biggest co-listings in San Diego: Tony Stark's mansion in Iron Man also known as "Razor House" (which is now owned by Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz). But Flagg says it actually started during a meeting they had at the Mondrian Hotel, which "set up us working together on the Razor House," Altman adds.

"[Viewers] saw it on screen, which is the coolest part about this whole thing. We had a conversation. We may or may not have had multiple drinks each, but sometimes that brings people together."

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It was the ride to San Diego that really sealed the deal for Altman. "Well, if you ever spent two hours in a car driving to San Diego with Josh Flagg, you, too, would become friends with him because he is the quirkiest person I've ever met on this planet."

Four people who are the most excited about the Joshes turning their feud to friendship are their parents, Michael and Cindy Flagg and Alan and Judi Altman. "Oh, they loved it. Our parents are friends, so that makes them very happy," says Flagg. "I mean, they actually were friends before we were."

Altman adds, "It was super awkward when we were enemies, and this is no joke. Our parents reached out to each other on Facebook, and they said, I know our kids hate each other, but you seem like a nice person, a nice mom. If you ever need anything... I forgot who reached out to who. They became very good friends, and it pissed off Flagg and I because we were like, 'What are you doing? Why would you talk to the enemy?'"

"It was totally weird," Flagg agrees.

Family cameos are a staple in the Joshes' spinoff, including moments from their respective partners. Both Bobbie Boyd and Heather Bilyeu Altman (who both happen to work in the real estate business as well) help their spouses seal the deal on listings during the series.

"For us, a part of our success is, of course, our significant others and them dealing with us on an everyday level," says Altman. "You don't realize how hard our husbands and wives work supporting what we're doing. Also, the time that they put into the deals where they don't necessarily get the recognition because Josh and I are the face of the business. So I like it personally because they get their time on the show, and I think they deserve more, actually. But to see the dynamic of four real estate agents who happen to also be in relationships and the dynamic of all that. It kind of takes it to the next level."

"It's a fun show," Flagg adds. "It gives us a lot more air time to do things that we don't have the ability to do on Million Dollar Listing because it's not five cast members or whatnot. Everyone was very excited [to be involved]."

While there are a lot more candid moments in the spinoff than in the regular MDLLA series — like grape stomping in Napa (Flagg's favorite filming location), and a family episode in Aspen (Altman's favorite) — at the end of the day, there are always deals to be done. And having a counterpart to help is something both Joshes enjoy.

"I mean, I don't think it's less or more stressful. I just think we have fun, so it makes it more fun," Flagg says about co-listing.

"I agree. It's almost having another partner in crime," says Altman. "Our approaches are different, and I always think Flagg has a more laid back approach, so it's kind of funny dealing with how that affects the deal and watching his side and my side. It keeps it interesting. It keeps it fun."

But don't worry, their drive for getting the best deal is still key. "That's never going to change, just so you know. We're never going to stop being competitive," says Altman. "That's just in our blood."

Now that filming has concluded, the million dollar question remains — is their feud done for good?

"The feud is over," Flagg asserts.

"For now, for now," amends Altman.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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